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Is Wealthy Affiliate worth it?

Let me share a part of my own story.

I started in Wealthy Affiliate as a complete beginner.

When I joined, I didn't even know what "affiliate marketing" means.

I had no idea that we could make money online by copy-pasting links!

I didn't know even anyone who would make money online doing these things.

Fast forward to today and 1 program just made me $11,087 in the last month:

In fact, it's even better than it seems:

1) In reality, that program paid me more than $11,087 for the last month

In the screenshot, I show the commissions paid in USDT. If we also count other currencies (BTC, ETH, USDC, etc.) it's even more than that.

2) It's passive income = Money keeps on coming in automatically

Even if I'd stop working now, the chances are that this income stream would even grow for the next few months.

In any case, it will make me money for years to come automatically even if I would never work for a single second on that program.

But obviously I'll keep on working on this program even more and I'm expecting to reach later $20,000/month, $30,000/month and so on with this program.

3) It's just one of many programs that I promote

When you do affiliate marketing, you can make money from as many sources as you want. You're not tied to just one company.

All those companies will be sending you money every month, or even every day depending on the program.


Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

If I wouldn't have heard of affiliate marketing here in Wealthy Affiliate, I might be working on a small $3,000/month salary in a kindergarten or something similar (that was my original plan by the time I joined WA).

OR perhaps I would have found about affiliate marketing from other sources.

OR who knows what would have happened... Nobody knows.

BUT we know for sure what happened now that I found Wealthy Affiliate, bought the premium membership, became yearly member, and started taking action.

It transformed my life forever.

Now one side-hustle program pays me 4-5 times more money AUTOMATICALLY than working full-time in a 9-5 job.

Was it worth joining Wealthy Affiliate and going premium?

I'll let you be the judge.

- Roope "Wealthy Affiliate works" Kiuttu

PS. I recommend going Premium Plus.

You'll get the first one of Premium Plus for the same price as Premium.

Learn more here in my post below:

Did you know this about Premium Plus? (1-CLICK Free Upgrade!)

When you get Premium Plus, you'll also get access to all of my YouTube expert classes in the Classes section.

Those classes alone can pay back the whole membership fee many times.


PPS. Black Friday is just around the corner (1 month from now).

As you know, Wealthy Affiliate usually has a heavy discount for the yearly membership during Black Friday.

If I were you, I would set up a reminder in your calendar for 1 month from now.

Set a reminder for the 25th of November to log in to Wealthy Affiliate and take a Premium Plus Yearly Membership on Black Friday.

Now you can perfectly test Premium Plus for 1 month and then you can take the Yearly Membership for a heavy discount.

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Good morning Roope,

I really think it's amazing what you've achieved, but I also know that you are highly motivated and consistent, which is fantastic!

One of the reasons I like having an online business is the fact that the potential is absolutely massive. I know with any business, it takes time to grow. However, with an online business, the potential almost seems unlimited!

One thing is for sure, your consistency and dedication have made it work. You have also proved that the Wealthy Affiliate training works, I believe you came with literally no knowledge of affiliate marketing etc. We have to remember what can be achieved if we put our minds to something! A great post, Roope!

Have a great day.


Great post Roope, you have provided a great example of how persistence pays off. I have already upgraded to premium plus and will be taking advantage of the resources it provides.

Best wishes to your continued success.


Awesome to hear that Harold! See you in the Premium Plus classes!

Amazing. This is the kind of story I like to hear. Go for it.

Thank you.

Thank you Daniel! Great to have you here in the WA community!

You are welcome.

Hi, Roope

Wow you’re really killing it!

I totally agree that your Premium Plus classes are excellent! 😎

Frank 🎸

Thanks Frank! It's always a great pleasure to chat with you. See you next Monday again!

See you there, Roope! 😎

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