10 Steps to Failure - GUARANTEED!

Last Update: Jul 31, 2022

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We often study "steps to success" or "secrets to success".

I thought it might be helpful and fun to do this the opposite way.

Perhaps we can learn to avoid these pitfalls more easily.

Learn 10 secrets to failure!

  1. Never go through any training. You already know everything.

  2. If you don't get the results you want, always blame others. Never look in the mirror. Never take responsibility for your own actions.

  3. If you know you must do some work, don't do it. Just procrastinate. Go to check social media or call your friend and ask if he would like to hang around for a few hours.

  4. You have already all the energy you need. Never exercise nor go to the gym.

  5. Eat lots of unhealthy food. Eating healthy may give you more energy to work but you know you don't need it.

  6. Quit as soon as possible. The sooner you quit, the faster you fail! For example, if your goal is to write a post with 10 steps to failure, only write 6 steps.


I hope you enjoyed :D

Now share with us more advice in the comments!

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Thanks Roope! I am a believer that there is no bad, no good, no right, no wrong, no positive, no negative, BUT JUST DIFFERENCES! and the level of judgement, as far it is in the neutral field one are already doing good! So in any way words always will hold power! so Lets keep purging for consciousness! Kudos for you!

This is the guide to failure,
A roadmap to misery and despair.
If you're looking to bomb,
Here are the 10 steps that will get you there.

1) Start with a lofty goal that's impossible to achieve
2) Lack any sort of real focus or planning
3) Don't bother learning from your mistakes
4) Don't take anyone's advice but your own
5) Don't be willing to compromise
6) Expect everything to happen exactly as you plan it
7) Give up at the first sign of trouble
8) Believe that you're better than everyone else
9) Get caught up in your own hype

Thank you, for showing us how to climb down the ladder of failure with great fun. Actually, we all know what to do but when the time comes we either don't do it or sit thinking that someone will do everything for us. And even more harmful is that some people rely on the odds and talk about the Law of Attraction all day long.

Ha, ha, you failed to complete the 10 steps. Now I don't know what to do.

Not thinking for yourself and allowing others to think for you or to label you is a major step on the road to failure.


Always have a negative attitude and think the world is against you.
My sister is this way and always gets what she has always gotten.

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