10,000+ YouTube Subscribers! Woohoo!

Last Update: November 30, 2019


I just hit 10,000 subscribers on YouTube!

Even though this is not a huge milestone it still makes me happy because I believe that if I can reach 10,000 subscribers it means that I can also reach 100,000 and 1 million subscribers over time.

Recently my YouTube channel growth has been a little bit faster end part of that is because of my video editor that I found from Upwork.

I have noticed that people give it much more likes for videos that are of high quality. In addition, better quality videos encourage viewers to watch more than one video on the channel.

That boosts YouTube algorithm and also increases engagement in the videos.

If I would start my YouTube channel all over again, I would probably focus more on quality rather than quantity.

Now my goal is to keep on publishing 3 videos every single week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

I've already had that schedule for a while but during the last two weeks, I couldn't do it because my hand got injured. But as I’ll get better I'll get back to that routine and stick to it consistently.

My number one tip for beginners who are starting out on youtube easter follow 5 to 10 youtube channels within your niche.

=> Then you'll just see what is working for them do the same.

The same applies to blogging. You don't need to reinvent the wheel. Anybody can do this.

It’s Your Time!

- Roope “On my way to 1 million YouTube subscribers” Kiuttu

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Roybretton Premium
Hello Roope,

I was sorry to hear about your injury Roope, I do hope to make a quick recovery.

It's great that your YouTube channel has hit the 10,000 mark, it wasn't very long ago that your channel was showing 8000 and something. So it looks like it's quickly growing Roope, which is really good.

I always enjoy watching your informative and quality videos.

Wishing you all the best.

Jukkah Premium
That's great Roope, congratulations! I'm just starting with YouTube and that was exactly what I had in mind: Quality over quantity. I need to set up a real home studio, fortunately I think I already own everything I need. A DSLR camera, condenser mic and a green screen should go a long way. Wish I could just change my face and voice :D

The same goes for blog posts. Recently I made a decision to focus on producing the highest quality content for my site instead of volume. Writing high volume definitely makes you disciplined and improves your writing but I still think you need to take your time to offer some serious quality. That's what Google wants to see!
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Awesome! Looking forward to seeing your videos then!
PaulaSchmitz Premium
Hi Roope! Congratulations on your incredible follow on YouTube!!! I agree with you that video quality is of utmost importance, including audio quality, how it is inserted into the video channel. As an e-learning developer, I have insisted on this for years without end. All the technical aspects are crucial for video quality and viewers' experience, but the passion for what you do that shows so clearly on the videos is what sells the most. Keep the great work, my friend, and you will get to your next goal in no time! Paula :)
EddySalomon Premium
Congrats Roope. 10,000 subscribers is a big deal for someone like me that’s is close to 3000. Lol

I agree with you that quality is better than quantity from what I’ve seen. I am currently doing 1 video per week but would like to bump up to two. I feel that is sustainable. And outsourcing the video editing has definitely made life easier. I could actually create more content now.

YouTube is a great platform that compliments what we do with our blogs. It’s another source of passive income and traffic. And I love that it’s not as volatile as Google which seems to change their algorithms every other week now. Lol

Congrats on your success. You’ll be at that 100k and million subscribers soon. Are you doing any YouTube ads to help your channel grow faster.
RoopeKiuttu Premium
Thanks Eddy! Great to have you as a "running mate" on YouTube.

No, I haven't done YT ads. I've tried sometimes to test but I ran into technical issues so I left it for now. But at some point for sure.
EddySalomon Premium
Sounds good Roope. I definitely want to try it. I am loving YouTube videos.
BobMargroff Premium
Congrats Roope!! 10,000 subscribers is an awesome number. I am looking forward to when you announce you have the 100,000 subscribers and even more.

I will definitely be on the lookout for it. I have an idea for videos, and will probably try to start it in the middle of next year. My daughter, who happens to be 10, is wanting to launch a YouTube channel of her own.

I am all for it, she has such spunk and personality. So, I believe she will do better than me once she gets started.

I will be watching for your higher subscriber counts for your future.

I wish you the best!