Just finished Level 2: How I've changed my mind about WA

Last Update: Feb 25, 2016


OK, at first I was skeptical. "Jeesh," I thought, "is this just some variation on a pyramid scheme? Or can it really work?"

And maybe this IS like a pyramid scheme, but I guess I need to remember the pyramids have endured for centuries because they are sound!

I'm pretty much a True Believer now.

  • I've learned a ton and a half from the trainings.
  • I've figured out how to use WordPress more efficiently and effectively.
  • I've discovered what Google+ is and why it's important to me.
  • I've written blogs about fishing, which I love (both writing and fishing)!
  • The yearly cost for the program is comparable to other website hosting programs, but you get so much more value!
  • The integrated WA system is seamless and easy to use.
  • Kyle never sleeps, or so it seems since he responds to any comment or question immediately.
  • The security aspect of WA is awesome (and I should know, as a website previously hosted at another site WAS hacked)!
  • Love the hack proof auto passwords thwarting bonnet attacks.

Love to connect with the great and helpful people of the WA community.

My website is:


My Google+ is:


I look forward to growing and prospering with all of you!



Recent Comments


It is great that you are enjoying yourself here and keeping that mind occupied.

WA is the real deal , tried to add you in G+ think its the wrong link just takes me to your profile

Way to go Roger, the fishing niche is huge. Looks like you have hit the ground running. Best wishes for your continued success.

Excellent Roger! And there is still sooooo much to learn!

I love learning. And the training here (Kyle!) makes it so clear and easy to follow.

I should be in bed sleeping, but instead I'm catching up on WA!

But it's good to have something worthwhile to occupy my mind.


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