How to Make Money Meanwhile?

Last Update: November 02, 2018

I'm just curious if there are others out there who know of and are making money elsewhere while your WA website is growing? It gets frustrating sometimes when you're on the sidelines not making money while others are as they pass you by. That's fine. We'll all get there too!

I know like everyone else who hasn't made it yet that it will happen :-) That's not a problem. I still believe we should all stay on track and work as hard as we can to get there.

Sometimes it does take a little extra help to get there, right? :-)

Any thoughts?

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Robkerry Premium
Hi Rob

I'm new to WA, retired and not making money in any other projects.

My aim is to complete the wonderful training here on the WA platform and I believe to be making some affiliate income at the 2 to 3-month timeline. I have set goals to achieve a certain amount of training each day and goals to communicate with the community for a certain period each day.
To your great success.

Aussie Rob
Wdcope Premium
I understand where your thoughts are. I am retired from a corporate position yet still do things to help keep things going do we don’t get into reserves too much. Meanwhile I am working on my sites and continuing to learn along the way.
Never easy but with consistency you and us will get there just at different times.
x2double19 Premium
I seen this generic broadcast to a live football game he had nothing but 1 thing Confidence. Confidence means everything in this world well it's important I mean
Cass51 Premium
Hi Rob, I still work part time to pay the mortgage but look at this as a long term investment. nothing wrong with needing a little help. It wont happen overnight, but keep taking action.:)
RKingsley Premium
Hi Rob,
Fair question. I started my journey as a digital nomad before I found WA, and my unique career path did help, so my results may not be typical. However, as a direct result of WA training my path led to some amazing results. In fact, I ended up using multiple channels to generate revenue, including hiring out my services online. This month, one of my clients (my second client ever) is handing over their digital assets to my company.

So yes, there are other revenue streams, if you keep learning and applying your WA training.

For more specific details, I actually wrote a training module on the subject: Hope it helps!