Frustration - Anyone Else Feel This Way From No Sales?

Last Update: Aug 21, 2020

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It's been a while since I've posted a blog. I just had to vent here to see if others are feeling the same.

I know this is a business and it takes time to build and do it right. In fact I have this on my wall and read it several times a day. " You Don't Build a Business. You Build People and then People Build the Business." How true!

So I've followed the training and worked 7 days a week for I don't know how long now. I never mind the hard work. It's necessary and has to be done to get ahead. I get it. What I don't get is why things don't seem to work the way they should.

I know I can count on the Wealthy Affiliate community for help. That's not an issue. But the fact is that there is really only one person here I know I can count on no matter what. He knows who he is and I will always be thankful. (And no, it's not my mentor) At least I know that there is help in the community.

I guess the bottom line is that the only one I really have to please is me and that's what I'm doing. Frustration sets in quite frequently and the only way I can aleviate that is to just keep pressing on and looking to others who are succeeding already.

Thank you for your time and I hope you're enjoying WA and succeeding! :-)


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Very understandable, when we are willing to go all out for something because we can and we don't see results from our work we realize that hard work in and of itself is not the answer. It has to be the "right" hard work. And, that is a tough nut to crack!
As you've said, you are not giving up and that is key to your coming success as it may be just around the corner but you cannot see it, yet.
Strive on!

Hi Rob, I just visited your site, and found it to be very attractive and useful. I left you a comment and am personally struggling with the whole concept of "blogging" to gain traffic. I must say you have been a trouper to hang on for this long. I had to break away for awhile and won't be able to access much here in a couple weeks. My thoughts to your post is, I think I would be leaning real hard on some of the senior members, looking for clues and advice concerning your overall format. I don't see anything wrong, but there has to be an answer as to why people aren't at least looking if not buying. Reformatting isn't fun, but it might be necessary to break out of your rut. There are some really smart people here who I believe would love to help you, but so many are afraid to offend, that they just give kudos.

Wishing you all the best!
Goldtooth (Gerald)

Hey Gerald :-)
Thanks for saying! I do feel that I am on the right track. I do have an "undercover" that I am working with.
Sometimes things just take longer than usual.
I've changed my site to the Generate Press theme and everything seems to be coming together.
Time will tell :-)
Thanks Bud!

Hi Rob, Michael here...

First off, I think you’re doing an amazing job(I took a look at your site) keep it going! I know what you’re feeling very well, I’ve been there, it’s common and pain and failure is needed to grow but here’s the thing...

I too have a health and wellness site and I can tell you from actual firsthand experience in this field(not exact niche) and after taking a quick analysis of your site what you can improve on.

Here are a few tips/suggestions:

1. Focus on going deep not wide. What do I mean? I believe you have a good use of certain keywords but you can do more by creating similar content to your existing posts where you can then interlink your one another and once you get more data you can interlink your money post to your less popular content and vise versa. Google rewards sites with a SILO structure so you can grow this in time.

For ex: if you did a post on weight loss(for your niche) with a great keyword, then keep growing related post like best supplements for (your niche) for weight loss.

And keep going deeper. It’ll pay off, trust me.

2. Research more keywords. I added your existing keywords or a related phrase and found many others you should be going after especially some of these had a low qsr. It’ll be a hit especially when it can build off your other content

3. Focus on list posts. Think about what sells your niche and what people WANT...they don’t necessarily want to lose weight, take a supplement or listen to their spouse, they want what they can already get faster access to - foods. Recipes, enzymes, proteins, etc. Use this to point people into your pillar and money posts.

- I found a food related keyword you can use as a list post with a great QSR, good traffic, etc.

4. Have Authority. This is single handily the most important step, why?

People want to buy from people they know like and trust and it can be REALLY tough especially in the health and wellness niche to get it right. Find that ONE product and you can strike gold, but what’s most important is that you’ve likely used it(this goes especially with supplements). Then, this will get you to go more into video, ads video to your blog Of you demoing the product/service...

And just be credible. I’d ask you “what’s already working?” Once you can answer that, keep building similar content and or off of that. And if there’s very little, it’s best to go back into keyword researching the right keywords and build a list of similar content to attach It to.

Like any other niche you have to build credibility in the eyes of Google and your audience but even a lot more with the health side because at least for one, you’re fighting against the heavy industry hitters. To avoid them and get Google to notice you entirely...

You have to keep building on pillar “how to” type content.

This is just some information from a quick analysis. I hope that helps.


P.S. I recommend getting Into video to be different and you can do very
Well for many of the products in your niche.

This is an excellent reply...

Again, a HUGE problem here is Rob is working on 2 websites...

You're reducing your rate of success tremendously by doing that.

It's NOT recommended.

Once discouragement gets a foothold, unless you do something to lighten the load, you're done, finished.

Focus on ONE website...


Howard, thank you for your thoughts.
I am basically working on one website right now and doing very little for my original website.
The fact of the matter is that I agree with you about not working on two websites, BUT there is a reason that I am working on the bootcamp website now.
I can't divulge exactly who or what it is, but I have it on high authority that I what I am now currently doing is fine.
But I do get your opinion about not working on two websites. Under normal circumstances, that's correct.
Thanks Howard! :-)

Hi Rob, I believe the overwhelming majority in the WA platform have undergone that kind of feeling, but, if we have our compelling reason frustration should be turned into a solid conviction to keep going, knowing this site will guide each one of us in achieving our goals. Winners never quit, quitters never win. Double your effort, All the best. Florentino

Hi Florentino :-)
I know it's normal to be frustrated and I am not a quitter. I'll do whatever it takes to get there!
Thanks and all the best to you too :-)

We can make it. Have a great Sunday!

I've identified one of your problems...

From what I can see on your profile you have TWO websites you're working on.

That's not recommended.

You're dividing your time and focus and energy and emotions between TWO websites.

As a beginner, you should have been encouraged to focus on ONE website.

Trying to rank 2 websites when you are starting out will give you a nervous breakdown...

No wonder you're frustrated...


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