Course 3 Finished, Reflections of what I have learned.

Last Update: Jun 4, 2014


Starting out with no knowledge at all on internet marketing has not hindered me from succeeding with Wealthy Affiliate at all. The training has moved me along a steady path and with improvements all long the way. There is still a lot more to learn but a lot of it is going to be experience in applying what has been taught.

I have learned the basics of how to set up a website, to buying a domain and transferring that site to the domain. I have learned about creating content and the need to have quality content that is meant to offer help. I have learned about key words and low hanging fruit and how to use them to help bring traffic to my site. I have learned about the different ways to monetize my site and how to use them properly. I have learned how to apply for affiliate links and how to insert them in my site. I have learned about Google Analytic's and Google word tools to gather information about how my site is doing. The journey through all this has been difficult at times but so rewarding after getting through a challenge. It was so nice to not have to go it alone but to have the community here for support and encouragement.

A word of caution for those who are just beginning this journey with Wealthy Affiliate. It is easy to get distracted and get off track by reading the posts and e-mails from the community here. It is also easy to get impatient with yourself and think you are not moving ahead fast enough or making progress. Sometimes doubt may creep in about what you have created and if it is good enough. I know because I have been there.

It is important to be part of the community here and to read the posts and ask questions. But it is important to remember that we are not all at the same place and have not all learned at the same pace. Some may be further ahead than we are and so they are posting according to where they are and what they may be learning or have already learned. Because of this we think we have missed something when we really have not come to that place in the lessons yet. My point is that if you are patient with yourself and follow the lessons in the order that they are presented you will have a majority of your questions and concerns addressed. At the end of each lesson there is a discussion post, to post any questions or comments about that lesson. There are activities that must be done before moving on to the next lesson. I advise you not to skip these because they are vital to the learning process that we all must go through.

Overall know that the community here is very interested in helping you achieve the success that you are hoping for. They will answer questions that you post and try to direct you to where you can find the answer weather that is to a class or video that already answered that question or to someone on the Wealthy Affiliate team for more technical questions.

I know that there is more for me to learn and I am excited to get on with that learning. I know there are days when I am discouraged and question my ability to do this. Through all of that I keep plugging along and before I know it I have reached the end of that particular hurdle. You can reach your goals too. Just take it step by step, talk to the community, take a short break and then start in again fresh. Best wishes to all here at Wealthy Affiliate and thanks to all who have been there to help. Robin.

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Thanks! Great read and recommendations for success here. Much gratitude

Hey Robin, I couldn't have read this at a better time! Thank you for the great blog. I wish you much success.

Thanks Robin, I can relate to basically everything you wrote...I think by nature I tend to be impatient at times..wanting to scale this mountain of information as soon as I can, and it can get overwhelming for me.

Robin, Thanks! This is a great post. I really needed to hear that.

MiroM. Glad that this was helpful to you. Keep plugging along and it will all get a lot clearer to you. Robin

Love this post, Robin! Many of us and myself has lived through these hurdles in the beginning. It's important to keep pushing forward and to NEVER give up. If you give up today, you'll never know if you would've succeeded tomorrow. :)

Thanks for sharing!

Take care,

Nicole. You are so right. Thanks for the response.

Thanks for sharing Robin!

Thank You .

Great post Robin! You've shared a lot of great insight that I think many newbies can relate to.

Thanks Eddy. Glad to see you checking up on me. Robin.

Very good progress thus far and you are right, if you keep following the courses and NOT skipping any of them you will have all of your questions answered.

There is a reasoning behind the order these lessons/courses are laid out. We should all understand that everything will start to fall into place as we move along the training offered here at WA.

Keep up the good work.


Eddie C.

Eddie C Thanks for the response. I hope that this helps those that may get a little discouraged at times. Robin

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