A windy road to a future that I can be proud of?

Last Update: February 28, 2018

Hello glad you came to share. and comment.

Hi all I started out wanting to be an internet entrepeneur so I tried email making money emailing bad news. Then tried a web site business big time money and double bad news '

Then just when I was thinking should or shouldn't I a little black button caught my eye. and I thought okay just one more try. Wealthy Affiliates

Guess what a real person and he answered questions which was so great, Wow then I find I can look at what he is offering for free and a free website to boot,

What a novel idea. But the thing that got me hooked was it is not a get rich or fast money it is a place where you are shown a way to have and grow your future with the help from people that were growing and doing the same thing.

THIS JOURNEY I REALIZED EARLY IN THE CERTIFICATION., This was my salvation and my future. Thanks to you all.

I have found that there are straight stretches and some curves but worth every one of them.

Anyway anyone says they do not like stretches and curvey curves. is not being true to themselves.


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QAVAVO Premium
Great sharing your WA experience
Melissa901 Premium
Great message
Cindyda1 Premium
True Robert! I've learned to take them curves on two to three wheels and like it!
pitofly Premium
Definitely the place to be, learn, grow, get help, help others, set yourself up for the future, give back, provide value, have fun, laugh, cry and just be yourself and relax.

skendrick4 Premium
You are so right! This is the place!