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Last Update: Jan 4, 2015


Since I have been here, I have read post of members whether this program will work and get me to a point of making money where I can do this full-time. I just wanted to convey some thoughts about this. I personally know from my own life that making money for myself and my family has not be easy.

I remember at 12 having a paper route and selling stake knives in gaining more customers i.e. making more money. My Dad was in the Navy for 28 years and when we were stationed in Bainbridge Maryland, I started bagging at the commissary (military grocery store). I would make anywhere from 25 cents to a dollar per customer bagging their groceries.

When I got on my own after high school, I started making $1.50 an hour acid cleaning trusses that hung signs on freeways. I started taking college courses and working full time. I continued to work full time and take a couple college classes a session. It took me 12 years and I finally received a four year college degree and at that point was making around $18,000.00 a year. My degree was in computer science, but money back then was not much in working in a data processing facility.

I make a decent wage today, but it took me decades to get here. I also felt frustrated along the way, but I never let this frustration get me down or get in my way of being successful. I just want to encourage those that feel there is a lot of work in building an Internet Marketing business and making decent money will in the end find your reward and the success you have pursed in this journey! Do not give up - it will come!!

Building business success from scratch

"Ever wonder what it takes to build a successful business from scratch? The short answer is lots of hard work, a passion that propels you to reach new heights every day and a willingness to take risk. It also doesn't hurt if you recognize the opportunities that come from being in the right place at the right time."

- Quote from Charles Barker, chairman of Charles Barker Automotive, a new and used car empire in Virginia Beach, Va.

So, keep at the lessons, videos, tools, and dialog with this positive community in seeking what you need from Wealthy Affiliate and what you can contribute. You will find what you seek in Wealthy Affiliate as you move through this journey. Don't give up, let your passion shine through niche and the internet marketing you will create. Best wishes for your success in 2015 at Wealthy Affiliate!

Blessing to you all - this truly is a great community of like minded internet marketers!

~ Robert ~

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Such a nice and warm blog, thanks very much Robert. :) Yes, certainly, it takes lots of determination, dedication and hardwork. :)

Hi Robert very true success is about passion and hard work

Very true Robert. It takes a lot of hard work. There is never a short cut to success. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks Robert, that puts everything into perspective. I read somewhere about the 10 second attention span that is part of society now thanks largely to social media.
So what you say is so true. It takes time and a lot of work, if not we would all be Internet Millionaires:)

Thank you - well said! This is so true. I look at my son and he wants it now. I am continuing to tell him that it will take time to get to where he wants to go.

Hello, Great encouragement, and nice to meet you!

What a wonderful post Robert! God's Blessings to you as well! Christa :)

Great words

Persistence does pay off. Great pep talk. Have a great New Year!

What an inspiring article! Thank you for sharing often one feels frustrated by seemingly little or no 'results' when in reality it is the unseen 'building' of visitors, etc. you are accomplishing....

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