One Month Review

Last Update: December 13, 2015

It was one month ago that I went Premium and started the training here. My 30 day goals were very ambitious - however I also changed directions after writing these. In fact, I took an entirely different niche!

Let's review!

  • Have integrated email lists and several relevant affiliates on board
    • Email lists are not integrated yet
    • Several affiliates on board, although not the way I originally thought
  • Have functioning company set up
    • Not yet completed - and still likely to be another month away.
  • quotes provided for beer project
    • yes! Now we wait for sweet sweet sales...

So there we have it. I have come a long way, a really long way, but I have fallen short. However, some of this is to do with my expectations - the training was much more involved than I thought and my other project is taking a long time with communication.

With a site getting ranked on Google and a Wealthy Affiliate Rank in the top 200: All in all, I'm happy so far and I'll review again in another month :)

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Pjdsaki Premium
How do i start building an email list?
Isabella18 Premium
Hi Pjdsaki! Here is a training that may help answer that question for you!
all the best,
kmer6 Premium
If you have your website, the best way to build a list is write an eBook to give away. First, make sure your eBook has value. You can even put links in the eBook to your affiliate products. Second, hire an Autoresponder service that will answer the recipient with an automated reply from you, like "Thank you for visiting my website and here is the link to download your free gift from me". Then you provide the link to your webpage that has your eBook.
Very simple yet very effective. Hey good question, I hope this helps.
NPark74 Premium
Wow Jess this is awesome news! Congrats I can only hope to follow in those shoes of yours with being successful! Great job!
RKingsley Premium
Thank you! As long as you set aside time each day, it's easy :)
ClareG Premium
Wow you are really powering ahead! Great work. 2016 will be amazing for you! :)
RKingsley Premium
For all of us I hope!
YvetteG Premium
Jess I think for your time frame's you're doing amazing! I'm not far behind you time-wise, and haven't accomplished near as much! Not that I'm comparing, but just reassuring you. To be ranked so high on WA in such a short time is amazing, and your site is of a really high calibre. It's smart to readjust and change things up if you see more viable option. Well done! Keep powering.. you're doing awesome!
RKingsley Premium
Thanks Yvette!
mijareze Premium
Good job! Always aim high. Even though you don't get there in your time frame, you wouldn't get as far if you aimed low...
RKingsley Premium
Thanks Ed, That's sort of how I feel!