The Mind Is A Powerful Thing!

Last Update: February 13, 2019


The two most exciting developments in the health care field are (1) the new holistic approach to the heatlh and (2) preventive health care. The one truth concerning optimum health is that your mind can make (keep) you well.

While some in the medical profession still see disease as "something out there that could get you," increasing numbers of people, including a growing number of medical professionals, view the treatment and care of the boy as unseparated from the person's mind and emotions.

"Everything begins in mind" as Jack Ensign Addington points out in his dynamic and revealing book, Psycholgenesis: "Mind plus beginning means everything begins in mind."

Your every experirence comes out of your mind, which is an individual extension of Universal
Mind, which is All That Is.

By learning how to think healthy, you will learn how to live healthy. In dissecting the word "disease", we can discover the root of illness; dis-ease. Where there is absence or lack of harmony there will be fears and doubts, which in turn create stress. "Prolonged stree invites physical and emotional problems."

A human being is a Spiritual/Mental entity that relates to outside stimuli through the use of a physical body. Our bodies are not passive; they can and do send us many signals as to what they desire (food, shelter, care, etc.), and built within the human organism is the miraculous ability to safeguard most of its functions and rejuvenate itself.

Still, your mind is your "body's master," for if the mind decides to risk life and limb in some heroic or dumb act, the body will be forced to go along with the deed.

And when some poor soul, immersed in stress and deep depression, decides to hurl himself over the bridge, the "No! Don't do this!" signal from his body will not stop the suicidal act if the person's mind is on fire and his desire to "escape life" has taken control.

From the greatest inspirational act to the most hideous crime, everything begins in mind. At the Universal level, there is only Love and the Law. Wrong action, disease and other disorders are never the results of our true, loving, and harmonoius nature.

They arise out of perverted (misguided) application of the Law of Life, which then acts as a cosmic mirror. What is happening on the inside is reflected on the outside.


Physical dieting has reached epidimic proportions in America. Millions of people are experimenting with hundreds of diets. The bestseller lists reflect the general populaity of almost anything written on the subject of losing weight or new approaches to nutrition.

Professionals in the field of biochemistry have discovered most physical problems result from glandular deficiencies and psychological strife. Behind these problems are found the real culprit - mental disturbance - which creates mental imbalance.

Mind Science recognizies the valuable contributions made by the physican and the psychiatrist. Good doctors and others in the healing profession can help correct physical or mental disorders, but ultimately the individual is responsible for his own well-being.

Mental causation is invisible and usually emotional. The physician diagnoses the body and prescribes a remedy. The psychiatrist diagnoses a person's emotional state and also makes suggestions that may lead to better mental balance.

Both perform valuable, services, while at the same time usually treating the effect, not the problem. The meta-physician looks for change at the level of cause - Mind. The acual treatment of the cause behind the problem must be within man's mind.

Remember, "Everything begins in Mind!" Even as we work our Wealthy Affiliate business, think success before you even reach its highest point.

Think of yourself accomplishing every goal you set. IT ALL STARTS WITHIN THE MIND!

Ron Kennedy

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