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I hate this covid-19 crap that's gripping that world. I go to bed praying each night that when I awake, it will have just vanish. (Or as Trump says, "it will one day just mysteriously disappear!") Yeah RIGHT!! We, of sound mind, know that's Not gonna happen. I feel relieved that a vacine may be here by the end of 2020 or early 2021. That's great news for the USA, if were not all dead by then. The vacine can't come soon enough!So until that great day happen, we all must ontinue to follow the pro
Great Content Can Make A Big Difference! Full Steam Ahead.Over the past few years (I've been with WA for four years), I've always tried to make a galiant effort to help others by poviding feedback and commenting on their site. I know feedback and comments are good. Maybe a few here can't except honest feedback, but hey! it is, what it is! So now, this is where I start to think about and look at the subject matter of the websites. Now don't get me wrong, most sites I've viewed are great, well pu
Hurray! Hung in there long enough to recevie my four year dedication badge. I still have a ways to go to achieve the goal I want to reach. To be honest, I really didn't take WA serious until the second year. You know how that goes, start looking at progrm after program, chasing everything that 'glitters in the night.' (Boy! All the great 'live' training i missed) Now I have to go back and catch up on 'missed-recorded progrms.' But my mind has been more settled down now. More focused! We all mus
Crisis Around The World! Don't be a hoarder! Think of others.We never knew life as we know it, would come to a standstill. This is a time for us to all band together and help one another. LETS NOT LOSE OUR HEADS! We're all in this together! This Coronavirus is gonna be around for a while. News reports say hopefully, they may get some type of handle on this in another eight weeks. (From this date, we looking at mid-May!)It's so sad when I saw a video clip of these ladies fighting in a store isle
A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT! "STOP SMOKING!!"________________________________________(C)igarettes will wear you down & take you out!(A)in't no reason for you to continue to smoke.(N)ow PLEASE!! You don't have to light up Everytime after sex.(C)oronavirus is not the only thing waiting to kill you. Just keep puffing!(E)very cigarette you puff is a 'notch' off your life leaving you one foot in the grave.(R)idiculous, dangerous & unhealthy! (Hell, lots of 'Jack Daniels' is be
"Life, faculties, production - in other words individuality, liberty, property - this is man." Frederic BastiatMoving Foward Towards Great SuccessBefore a person can even take the first step toward making a fortune, he must know about himself as a Wealthy Affiliate, time-consuming investor. The investor should take a personality inventory of his or her strengths and weakness.He or she must know, right from the beginning, what they're capable of doing and understand the character traits underly
How Interest Can Compound Your Money."Wealth, viewed in its proper sense, is a means of increasing one's own creativity, a phase in the evolution of the human race." Leonard ReedIf you set aside one dollar today, and squirrelled it away in a savings account that paid 5% simple interest, and if you saw to it that your account was updated each year, your family would have one million dollars by the year 2262. Your family would be billionaires by the year 2403; and would be as wealthy as the com
I'm always reading many blogs from folks, seeral times a week. It's great that we're all 'business minded' entrepreneurs striving for the same goals. Helping each other along on our journey here in WA, is what makes this a great community.I do my share within the community offering help when needed, which always makes me feel great I've recently started blogging more, and feel better bloggng away from the business side of things, but still about subjects helpful and entertaining. More on a pers
Almost everyone in America has eaten a hamgurger and french fries at one time or another. But to become rich selling them became the dream of Ray Kroc, the promoter of McDonald's Hambuger chain.Ray Kroc, at age 17, worked at a soda fountain while in school. Saing his money, he went into the music store business, his first. The business did poorly and Ray sold out. He sold coffee beans and also sold noelties door-to-door. He also worked as a cashier or a while.As a student in school, Ray was hig
The life of W.Clement Stone is a "success story within a success story." Now chairman of Success Unlimited magazine, Stone has become the leader of the Positive Mental Attitude philosophy.Although many a youth has had experience selling newspapers to make money, few are willing to endure and overcome the opposition that confronted W. Clement Stone. Having been thrown out of a restaurant several times because the proprietor thought he was annoying customers, Stone came back, and back, and back a