3 Months and Still Excited About Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: September 03, 2016

I joined WA on June 3, 2016 and have not looked back since. I thought I would share were I am at now and have something to look back at a year from now.

I am still working through Bootcamp (currently on Course 3, Lesson 7). Only finished 6 lessons since 2 month mark. Doing my best around my 9 to 5 J.O.B. but I anticipate being on Course 4 within the next few days.

At the 2 month mark I had 420 like-minded WA members following and was following 661 (63.5% follow back). Today I have 623 people following me and 650 I am following (95.8% follow back). I love reading everyone's posts and have decided to go for quality versus quantity to cut down on emails.

My ranking was sitting at 560 at the 2 month mark and as of September 3, 2016 my ranking is 287. I was really surprised at the jump in rankings for 1 month but I have been working hard to engage with the community, leave comments or other member's websites and reply to questions when I can.

I am determined to make my time here pay off, in both knowledge acquired and having a monetized website, as I am still excited about what Wealthy Affiliate is all about! Thank you to everyone in my network for posting regular opportunities to learn about how your progress is going and I will do the same in return :)

Be Wealthy and Be Free,


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AnthonyMLM Premium
Congrats on your accomplishments
Loubelle Premium
All the best to you Rick
RickElm Premium
Thank you Louise :)
Nmarkovich Premium
That's awesome! Kinda funny, I joined 1 month after you. Just hit 2 months and my rank here is 559. Lol, I will say I haven't been interacting as much as I was in the beginning only because I've really been focusing on my site and writing content and reviews etc... But keep going.. I look forward to when you and I many months from now can share our successes!
Take Care,
RickElm Premium
Thanks Nicholas :) it is hard to find the perfect balance between being active in the WA community and working on our websites. I had to step away from interacting much here a few weeks back as I didn't feel I was making enough progress...but I am back now!!
Gerard2463M Premium
Well done Rick,
A very good read thanks for sharing this.
RickElm Premium
Thank you very much Gerard :)
poindexter Premium
That's awesome Rick! Happy to hear you're doing well. Congrats and good luck. :)
RickElm Premium
Thanks Dalton :) hope you are doing well also.