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September 19, 2016
Hi everyone.Not quite sure how this happened as I was not making an attempt to climb the ranks here at WA. All I have been doing, with consistency, is replying to the blog posts that members of my network create every day, helping out in the live chat when I can and giving feedback and comments to help out others.I am honored to have almost 750 followers after only being with Wealthy Affiliate for about 3.5 months. I follow everyone back who follows me. I seek out new members to add to my netwo
Here is another great article from the Tony Robbins Team that I would like to share.Stop putting off your dreams – your life’s mission– because you don’t feel you have enough time. Become the most productive person you know.As Dale Carnegie said, “An hour of planning can save you 10 hours of doing.” It may seem counterintuitive to spend time planning, when time feels scarce already. However, the time you spend planning will allow you to accomplish your work m
Oh no, another blog post about increasing our productivity!!I just read these productivity tips from Tony Robbins and hope that they are able to help you become more productive here at WA or at life in general.CREATE A BASIC PLAN EACH DAYThe organizational choices you make each morning set the tone for the rest of the day. Will you start your day by reacting to others, or will you set your own goals for what you need to accomplish?Every morning, set a goal for yourself independently — not
(The Toronto Blue Jays celebrate after clinching the American League East in 2015)The picture above of my favourite sports team makes me smile every time I see it! Why do you ask? It reminds me that success comes with practice, perseverance, drive and time. It reminds me to not dwell on any failures or setback I may have and to just keep going.I think, at one time or another, all of us here at Wealthy Affiliate have felt success slipping away and feel like failures. It is normal to have this fe
I joined WA on June 3, 2016 and have not looked back since. I thought I would share were I am at now and have something to look back at a year from now.I am still working through Bootcamp (currently on Course 3, Lesson 7). Only finished 6 lessons since 2 month mark. Doing my best around my 9 to 5 J.O.B. but I anticipate being on Course 4 within the next few days.At the 2 month mark I had 420 like-minded WA members following and was following 661 (63.5% follow back). Today I have 623 people fol
August 28, 2016
Are you passionate about your niche? Do you eat, breathe and sleep your passion? Are you shouting from the mountaintop about what makes you passionate?“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”– Oprah WinfreyMiss O. couldn't have put it better! Excitement comes from being passionate about something in your life that has meaning and value for you. Having passion for something enables you to overcome any obstacle before you and lets you see
I stumbled across this motivational quote about success and it really resonated with me today:I am at a great point in my life where it seems all the pieces are falling together perfectly. I have a beautiful and loving fiancee, two smart and talented kids and a reinvigorated passion to follow my heart and do what makes me happy!Wealthy Affiliate has truly opened the door to my future and has me super excited for the future I am creating. I have never been happy working for someone else, which I
Hard work and persistence is starting to show some rewards!!I am really motivated to keep going and get through the Affiliate Bootcamp and start making some money with my website!! :)
I have been working the 9 to 5 grind for the financial benefit of others and for the security of having a guaranted income to pay the bills for pretty much my entire working life.The idea of working my entire life for someone else has never sat easy with me. For many years I have convinced myself that leaving the security of being employed would cause financial hardship for me and those who rely on me.The funny thing is, the more I made under the employment of others did not create more financi
Hi Everyone,I am just getting ready to end another late night here on Wealthy Affiliate and thought I would share how things are going for me.I joined on June 3rd 2016 which would make today 2 whole months here at WA! I have learned so much through the Bootcamp (currently on Course 3, Lesson 1) and can hardly wait to see where I will be at the end of 3 months!I have 420 other like-minded people following me and I am following 661, I hope to have that to over 500 following me and over 1000 that