Steady Going, Beats Not Knowing

Last Update: Apr 20, 2016


How Do You Visualize Progress?

Do you match the trainer in a video, move for move? Can you do it again, right away, without watching?

Sometimes it takes quite a few viewings before I get it. Then a few more to completely know the how and why. Seems like a slow process at times but none the less, progress.

Confidence Soars.

When I have to refresh my memory, go back and review, it gets a little frustrating. But when I can perform a function without revisiting a training video, it is so satisfying and confidence soars. One more tool in the toolbox that I know how to use, makes me eager to know more and move on.

I salute you.

You fellow members that blow on through lessons and have a site up, detailed and running in a manner of days, are awesome.I stand wide eyed and wowed by your knowledge and abilities.

Walls come down.

What's more, I appreciate your help given with open heart, because you know what it takes to keep moving and break down those walls of ignorance again and again. I thank you for that and the vision of Kyle and Carson for making it possible today.

I can do it again!

I am a computer novice,though each time a challenge is behind me, I feel confident. I can do it again and again, with the help from the community, I can do it again.

Yesterday's a memory, tomorrow's a bright future; and today ? Today is an exciting journey towards the horizon, filled with endless possibilities.

Steady going, beats not knowing.

Wish you well, Cyber City.

Good Day.

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Thanks for your write up. Be blessed.

The good thing is we can go at our own pace.

You are absolutely right. I prefer to take things slowly and surely, building confidence along the way. I get there, and that's the main thing

AAA you just made my day captain!. especially when they are going bye you at 90 thanks stay healthy wealthy and wise

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