If WA was a town.

Last Update: Mar 15, 2016


I'd move there.

I've been trying to figure out how to welcome and say hi to every one I'm following and those of you following me. I figured a blog was my best bet until something better comes along.

You know, I could tell the first day within a few hours what kind of folks were here at WA.It's not just the words being expressed but a whole lot more.The camaraderie is awesome and help is just a click away.

The knowledge you all share so freely and unselfishly is staggering. What lies ahead to learn is intimidating to say the least, but one step, one day, one bit at a time and inertia is overcome. Momentum is achieved.

Comfort zone? What's that? No time to think about it and don't want to live there anyway.The training goes on forever. Something new everyday. My kind of place.

I haven't found the time to properly greet you all one at a time. My apologies. But I want you all to know I appreciate the love and good will radiating out of the WA and

give it back with joy as well.

Right now writing has got hold of me and I need to learn to be productive rather than busy. So I might not have time or the presence to give a thank you or an answer to every one every time it's appropriate and neighborly.

Thank you all for the welcome and the well wishes. Hopefully I'll talk to you soon or see you down the road sometime. My very best to you all. I may be standing alone on my own two feet; but you're all around me standing on yours. And that my friends is wonderful.

If WA was a town........ I'd move there.


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Nice to meet you Rich; I like your openness and sincerity. I'm new to WA, and parked at the moment, but feel the same on what you say. I'd move there too!

Likewise Sherry. Thank you.

Very well said, Rich. WA is an amazing place indeed and I'm glad we're all part of it! Nice to meet you, btw...
Best wishes :) ~Sherry

WA is definitely a good town to live in!


Hey Rich, I'm so pleased you feel that way - we are amazing aren't we? ;)

Thank you Jude
You are amazing

Awesome, Rich a very positive way to look at things.

Thank you, Evan, for taking time to read and comment. My best to you my friend.

Good read Rich, thanks for sharing this!

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