Fear is a great motivator!

Last Update: October 21, 2021

Fear is a Great Motivator :

Fear often leads to inaction during a crisis situation. We are so afraid that we stay in our comfort zone and therein lies the danger.

The key is to turn that fear into adrenaline. For four years as a mature student I was a high octane junkie.I was being stretched mentally and emotionally.

I thrived by interacting with the class, discovering new books. In the lecture hall of 100 hundred students, I constantly raised my hand and asked questions, I wanted to know, I wanted to learn. My Lecturers were supportive and my younger student colleagues were encouraging. I had formed a close bond with them.

With laser sharp concentration I focused on positive outcomes. I looked at my vision board three times a day and ran my fingers on all the images and text and repeated my affirmations and visualisations.

I acted as if I had graduated already. I focused on gratitude that I was able to get an opportunity to fulfill a life long dream.

The day I graduated I lit up like a Xmas Tree when the Chancellor of the University handed me my degree.

It’s exactly seven years to the day that I graduated with a BA Honours Degree. I must have been the oldest senior mature student at 67 sitting with the rest of the students. I felt like 18 again adventurous, motivated and ready for the next challenge in my life.

My word of advice, If you want something that badly do it. Your fear is your greatest movitator. I think God did that deliberately to implant that fear microchip in all of us so we could live our best life and and serve our fellow man.

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JeannineC Premium
I love your story! I think it's fantastic that you went back and pursued your dream, ultimately making it come true. You can be very proud of yourself and your accomplishments. Many others would have quit along the way, even more would never have started. I applaud you!!!
YvonneBray Premium
Well done and congratulations. Fear is definitelya great motivator and you have proved that.
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Positivity and perseverance when things get rough is key, Richard!

Newme202 Premium
I am so super proud of you
Well done
At your age in my home country, no one does anything
They used their age to prevent themselves from going forward in life
You are a go- getter
I'm so motivated by your story
Keep the momentum going
SamiWilliams Premium Plus
An interesting journey you have had. I agree that we do have to keep ourselves motivated. Thanks for sharing.