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November 13, 2021
A Word of Gratitude A word of gratitude to Wealthy Affiliate.They have delivered their promise to show me how to design and build a website. I can confidently design my own website without hesitation. My wife proudly says that at 74 my brain cells are in perfect working order.I designed her website and she gets endless joy from writing weekly blogs.It’s time for me to move on and say thank you to all the members, the founders of the compay, the teachers, the tutors who have come to my ai
Is Black Friday 2021 cancelled? No, but here’s how COVID-19 changes it!Discounts still abound, but you should really just shop online this year. Internet revellers looking for a bargain found the most disgusting items for sale from online toenails to furniture that should have been tossed into a bonfire. One newspaper source reported:A new series of photos reveals the strangest bargains once found onlineSome people tried to sell extremely damaged goods such as a shabby armchair deemed &ls
October 21, 2021
Fear is a Great Motivator :Fear often leads to inaction during a crisis situation. We are so afraid that we stay in our comfort zone and therein lies the danger.The key is to turn that fear into adrenaline. For four years as a mature student I was a high octane junkie.I was being stretched mentally and emotionally. I thrived by interacting with the class, discovering new books. In the lecture hall of 100 hundred students, I constantly raised my hand and asked questions, I wanted to know, I want
Its another great Year with Wealthy Affilaite Premium Membership. I made the right choice to go yearly. We have a great supportive community at Wealthy Affiliate. Kyle and Carson the co- founders are super cool.Jays tutorials is a must. Thanks to all the advice and support from members over the years. You have become my online family!The webinars are realy easy to understand even for a late bloomer like myself.There is always an opportunity regardless of circumstances - if you are willing t
October 03, 2020
Vision Boards Work!Twenty years ago I made a 5" x 7" vision book, actually it was a photo book of images, collages, pictures and affirmations of my dreams and goals. I took it with me everywhere I went.Obsessive and compulsive that's me!The vision book became my bible. I had to look at it about five times a day at least. I promised myself that I would take my wife on a cruise as soon as the last of my children left the nest. One of my dream goals was a cruise with my wife.In May 2017 my wife an
My mother passed away at the lovely age of a 105 years. She died peacefully in her sleep. One can say that she shut down and was ready to go. Unfortunately my wife and I won't be able to fly from Ireland to South Africa due to COVID Restrictions. I am doing a zoom webinar for family and friends abroad this Thursday.My Mother who was a very special Soul, passed away on the 23rd June 2020 old in Cape Town South Africa.- This Poem is dedicated to a very special Mother -What I meant to Say by Mich
We All Do ItWhy do we do it? We all have too much baggage in our lives. Things we buy and never use, or things we love but ends up packed away in the basement , garage or loft. We become hoarders. People and family give us gifts we never use or need. I used to keep old magazines and junk mail. I went through my wardrobe recently and was amazed at the amount of clothing I had not worn in ages.There is a tv program called the hoarders, and its frightening to see people hanging onto Stuff and jus
December 29, 2018
Its been another Good Year2018 is slowly coming to an end, now it's a perfect time to reflect on the goals we have achieved in the past year, as well as the goals we failed to achieve.Why should We reflect on Our failures?I failed so many times in life before I became successful. Today I look on failures as blessings and learning curves.Failures are just as important to our growth as our successes. They teach us valuable lessons that'll help us create the life we want in the futureBut we ha
November 13, 2018
Kindness is defined as a behaviour marked by ethical characteristics, a warm and pleasing disposition, and a genuine concern for others. It is often considered a virtue, however, it also has an unfair association with negativity and weakness. On the contrary, kindness requires a strength of character and a strong sense of oneself. Furthermore, practising kindness daily can have incredible benefits on your well-being and happiness. In fact, research by John Gottman found that kindness is one of
Aretha Franklin Queen of Soul and Gospel has left this arena. Saddly missed by her fans myself included. She was an American singer and pianist. She began her career as a child singing gospel in Detroit Michigan. Her songs like Respect, Chain of Fools and my most favourite -You make me feel like a natural woman had a great impact on my taste for soul music in my youth. She was a national treasure.No! I lie, She was a Global Treasure.When she sang she sang for everyone. I have a love for all kin