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Last Update: March 08, 2020

My Niche

Is home - based workouts. Articles include all aspects of exercise and healthy lifestyles. Incidentally, I have written so many articles that I need engagement from this wonderful group. What topics interest you? There are many for this "evergreen" niche, but I have covered so many that I could use some ideas. When I last asked about this, I got two excellent suggestions that became my next two blog articles.

Of particular interest is engagement from newcomers to fitness. What keeps you from beginning a workout plan? What have you thus far experienced? What questions do you have?

Back to my topic

I love the engagement by those who comment or ask questions at the end of my posts. A few organic comments are now appearing. This is where I suggest caution: a lady recently read my article on the spot reduction myth, i.e.that no one can pick out an exercise movement for a body part and reduce the fat from that area alone without a general loss throughout. More importantly, I had advised that diet and cardio must always accompany exercise if one has too big a stomach, for example. Crunches alone will not reduce one's waist line.

This lady then asked me what she might do since she had heart issues and could not do cardio. This question was outside my base of experience or knowledge. I quickly advised her to speak with her cardiologist about this.

In another situation, someone asked me if use of an inversion table would be advisable for someone with scoliosis. Again, this was a question for a medical doctor, an orthopaedic physician.

Bottom line - we all should stay within our lanes when such questions are posed. There may be a temptation to try to enhance our "brand" by making suggestions that are inappropriate. Don't do it!

This would apply to just about any advice on equipment, nutritional supplements and the like. Or, more generally, to any product or service that could be subject to mishandling. It doesn't reduce our authority level to make appropriate references. We can always point out anecdotal experiences that we know about, as long as we use disclaimers.

Spring is coming! Let's get ready for t-shirts, shorts and limited footwear! (Especially if we have been working out or we are now beginning).

Greetings and best wishes to all!


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Suzay Premium
Richard, thanks! You are right.
That was a reminder on how to stay healthy, by being wise!
They've already been to webmd, and Dr. Google. Their intentions could be to get you in a lot of trouble! Deep Kim Chi, stinky cabbage.
If your name is not followed by the correct credentials, do not prescribe. Disclaimers and Terms and Conditions while working under somebody, that's all for our protection.
If you do intend to sell supplements, it's like landing a plane. Do exactly what your flight instructor tells you PERIOD. Correction or over correction, both are mistakes! Don't go there.

marcho88 Premium
Good point.👍
SAWalden Premium
It never ceases to amaze me the comments received on our websites and by now I thought I had heard it all...but to have someone ask for specific medical advice is a new one!

You handled each situation perfectly - your advice is sound and a timely reminder for all of us.

Thank you for posting this!
timstime20 Premium
Good advice
butch447 Premium
Great post and advice !!!!