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August 10, 2020
NON - TRADITIONAL, BUT I WILL TAKE ITA few weeks ago, I received a private message from one of my sporting goods affiliations. I was "selected" to write a blog about their upcoming "back to school" specials.They presented a few rules to follow:I must include an FTC disclosure, "This post contains affiliate links and I have received compensation for this post" at the beginning of my content.I must include at least two imagesI must write at least 75 words. Were they kidding?I must use at least 2
Bi-monthly means once every two months.But it also means twice a month.Either is acceptable. The safest usage is to throw in semi-monthly if we mean twice a month. Otherwise, this becomes quite confusing.The same rules apply to bi-weekly (and semi-weekly).Biannual and biannually are treated in the same manner. Don't forget semi-annual and semi-annually).But biennial has somehow acquired the singular meaning of every two years.We have cognates. We have words spelled the identical way with severa
I recently posted an ad for Wealthy Affiliate to social media only. No indexing, no following.It was only 285 words and a departure from my niche, home workouts.My idea was to use a teaser headline to attract attention, "SEEKING A GET RICH SCHEME?"I immediately followed up "You will not find it with Wealthy Affiliate. For these reasons:Wealthy Affiliate is not a scheme - of any kindYour results directly relate to your effortA few more disclaimers and then a long list of reasons to consider WA.
By way of explanation, I recently saw advertising by a fitness company which featured a new and somewhat interesting product.This was a start-up company. Per my usual practice, I sent them an email to see if they thought that they could benefit from my affiliation.They checked my site and probably my articles and I checked more of their advertising.We then began messenging back and forth, each of us questioning the other.Then they offered me what they called a "partnership", the opportunity to
Jen Malenke was a music teacher, struggling to make ends meet.Her mother had died from the effects of an automobile accident. Then her brother found that he needed a kidney transplant. Jen gave him one of hers.Jen had aspired to begin a singing career before her personal challenges within her family redirected her focus.Josh Groban became aware of this and decided to coach Jen. She was quite nervous in her rehearsals. She lacked self - confidence and was in awe of Josh Groban.After a very brief
March 28, 2020
We are isolating ourselves from others, socially distancing. We are unable to touch or be close. We are bored.I find myself unhappy about television choices. No major league baseball (yet)No NBA playoffsNo Masters or other golf tournamentsNo tennis. Will there even be a Wimbledon?No restaurants except drive throughs or deliveries. Buying groceries even seems worrisome. No cinema.So....I thought about Anne Frank in Amsterdam. With her family of four and four others.In a hiding place of 450 total
My NicheIs home - based workouts. Articles include all aspects of exercise and healthy lifestyles. Incidentally, I have written so many articles that I need engagement from this wonderful group. What topics interest you? There are many for this "evergreen" niche, but I have covered so many that I could use some ideas. When I last asked about this, I got two excellent suggestions that became my next two blog articles.Of particular interest is engagement from newcomers to fitness. What keeps you
Yes, numbers matter. I see that my link clicks are going up and are at about 300 per week. But what if I could get them to 2-3,000 per week? It is easy to check my clicks on my 3 sporting goods affiliations and on my WA stats. Great room for improvement is evidenced on my WA stats, only around 1 click per day. But I need to push this because of the greater commission opportunity.LinkedIn is good for me and views are easily checked. About 8 months ago, I had only about 35 followers. Now I have
Today, I published an article on "Best Weight Loss Workouts". It was filled with workout information, specifically cardio work. Attractive images were included, even real before and after images. The point of the post was to motivate others to get in shape and become healthier.I had recently begun to boost my Facebook ads to increase my audience. This was an experiment to assess the effectiveness of Facebook. Here is one of my images .......My boost was rejected for this reason, as I understand
December 02, 2019
Maybe December will be my coming out month! We shall see.It's definitely not about the money. It's about a beginning. A portal to long sought satisfaction. The first kiss of a teenager? A preview of a wondrous future? spurs me to try even harder. Let's all become WEALTHY Affiliates! Back to work!Richard