30 in 30 days challenge

Last Update: October 29, 2015

After one month being WA member, I'm crossing in the icon around my dashboard and confused clicking the thing that puzzle me wanted to know what inside this icon and what kind of lesson would learn from it.

Have you clicked the word" Rapid Writer "in your dashboard?

You know that being a part off my learning process, I spend a time of recognizing the possible thing around. To find the better answer in some feeling of confusion.

When I click "Rapid Writer" feel up the blank box writing some thought even I don't have an idea what will happen next. So before start to write I make sure where is the delete button. first, :)

After I wrote some thought about 300 words, then press send. Something pops up. saying ( you want to become STREETARTICLE WRITER for free something like that). Then I sign up even though I don't have an idea what's next. For me, it's adventure.

Accepting the challenge 30 in a 30-day challenge

After I sign up for street articles I didn't think twice accepting the challenge 30 in a 30-day challenge. A few minutes later I receive and welcome email from Kyle. I freeze for a while after reading a long blog, of guidelines.

You know that in the first day of the challenge, I didn't do anything. Just read the email I receive from the street article. Until the day five I set my free time re-read the emails, follow their instructions and apply to my street article profile.

In my busy day, I give my best to accomplish the challenge post 2-3 article a day with more than 400 words. Sometimes I didn't post anything it's because fallen to slept after my busy day. In the next day, I make sure to post the new article.

Accomplishing the challenge.

3 days ago from the team street article I received emails for congratulating me in completing my 30 in a 30-day challenge. I'm so surprised for the bonuses that Steet Article give to me as a reward for my work.

The 120 keywords, that they search for me the best of this keywords have the ranking in Google, with the list of traffic and competing pages and some extra bonus for accomplishing the challenge.

It's an amazing accomplishment as a part of my new journey to change the life that longing for so long. This KEYWORD will help me to create a better content to develop my skills and apart of my learnings and training progress in WA community.

You try to be an adventurer in WA community. And you will be proud of all the accomplishment we get in a long run in this community.Thank you, Kyle and Carson, for the opportunity you giving to us.

Thank you for reading. God bless us all. Have a great journey in WA community.

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TravH Premium
Great Job!!!

I've been thinking about doing this, maybe after I add a few more articles to my site...

Are the keywords relevant to any certain niche, or are they just a list of sporadic keywords?
renelynm Premium
Hi, TravH, thank you for passing by, absolutely Yes! very relevant to any certain niche. It is really good.
Just give a try it won't cause you any $, just give your time, they will give the schedule every day to make it easy for you to do the work. It's a great opportunity it's not difficult at all.
SaulGold Premium
I don't understand. What is Street Article?
Mike1942 Premium
It's some program she joined
SaulGold Premium
renelynm Premium
You are right Mike :)
thank you for passing by.
ffgroup Premium
OldMCSEGuy Premium
I've been here over a year and I never clicked it. I have a whole staff of writers who could do 10 articles birthday if necessary. You say you got bonuses... The only ones I would be interested in is cash did youk get cash?
renelynm Premium
Now you try it. :)
I don't have cash bonus yet, I'm still trying to work for the cash as I continue my journey in Street Article. :)