Site Comments with links,Spam or not?

Last Update: August 28, 2017

I have read a few posts on people spamming on sites because of leaving links. Some blogs leave the option of leaving your link on comments when leaving feedback.That is great,sharing business,which is polite for lack of a better word.

However,when you see just out right rude spamming,make it work for you,and take out any links you do not approve of. Any comment and traffic brings possible revenue-so make it work!

Have a prosperous Week:)))


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Carson Premium Plus Featured Comment
Any SiteComment that includes a link should be disapproved.

Numerous disapprovals of any given user who is adding links to comments left through the SiteComments platform will prevent this from happening in the future as they will lose the ability to use the system.

I suggest that a disapproval is the best course of action for any comments that include a link whether through WA SiteComments, or Directly on any website.
rene4me Premium
Some are out to steal business-I hear you:)
DawnaL Premium
I am unfamiliar with this policy? Is it ok to direct the user to another post within the site that is relevant? If not then shouldn't the link aspect in ste comments just be removed all together?
rene4me Premium
Yes,you can link to another page,for the second, it has been suggested to do so:)
Mikepawlik Premium
carson, would you care to elaborate on this point? i thought that back-linking was beneficial
selvammmohan Premium
That was a valuable piece of information
MKearns Premium
Try to save the valuable links by using a good spam detector and filter on your sites Rene!