Can I Trust That This is Worth It?

Last Update: October 27, 2019

So I've been with WA for almost 2 months. I've started a website, and posted about 10-11 articles. My website as well as a handful of posts have been indexed by google, (nothing with a good rank though) but I'm starting to feel super stuck.


I have young children. I homeschool. My husband is at work 12+ hours a day. I can't afford to invest time into something empty. I'm struggling to post even 1 post a week because I just can't find the time to sit down and research/write. I love writing, and I thought this sort of thing would be a good fit for me, but I'm beginning to wonder if it's just going to be an extra source of stress in my life. Is this all even worth it?


I have 0 traffic. The training is leading me to start experimenting with google adSense and affiliate links, but what's the point if I have 0 traffic? How can I increase my traffic if I'm too tired to post 2-3 times a week? What's the point of signing up for new affiliate programs if no one will even see the links?


My premium membership is costing me $$$ that I could be using to spend time with my kids, and I'm not only getting nothing in return, I'm beginning to lose hope that I ever will. Without a serious change in traffic flow I have no hope of even covering my costs, let alone earning a few extra $$.


I see a lot of positive and encouraging posts happening here at WA, but I keep wondering if the people making these posts/comments are actually earning money through affiliate marketing or if they are merely good sharing positivity and encouragement. There is a definite push toward building your rank right here in WA, and I see people celebrating success in claiming the WA ladder, but are these people really experienced in affiliate marketing, or are they just building WA rank by blogging and answering questions. Is WA actually just another form of social media??? I hope not because if that's the case I'd rather just stick to least that's FREE!


I know I've made some pretty skeptical statements regarding WA. I may even have offended some of you. If I have, I'm sorry, that wasn't the point of this post. I really want to believe that this is a real thing, but I can't just keep ignoring these questions that are plaguing me. Does anyone have some insightful REAL LIFE advice for me? How many hours a day/week are you investing in your own website? How many hours are you investing in WA? What are you getting in return?

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Helen123 Premium
Hi Brenda.. no offence taken here.. you are simply frustrated, anxious not to waste time and money and probably, now you’re 2 months in, worried it’s all for nothing. You’re not the only one to feel like this.. we have all been in your shoes at some time or another.. me included.

The first thing I would say is 2 months is not long enough to see real results.. some may have by this point but it does depend what niche you’re in. On my affiliate website it took 6 months before I started seeing any revenue. Frequently the stories of success here are from well established members who have significant posts on their website.. 100+ that is bringing in traffic. The traffic is the thing. You are right about that. PPC would bring you traffic ..but... and this is where I am with my second website.. no point spending money getting g traffic when the website doesn’t have enough content.

Have you finished the training? Do you watch Jay’s webinars? I think it would be helpful for you. Also.. do you set yourself a schedule? Goals for the week? This might help you feel more industrious if you have goals to achieve.. maybe 1 post a week at first then up it to two. I don’t know how old your kids are but if they’re homeschooled, whilst they’re doing some exercise or reading .. you do your research and writing. Spend a specific amount of time researching, like an hour one day and then the next another hour writing the post. Or if it works better, research several topics over one week then write them all up the next and publish them 2 per week.. I think that would be doable.. I have issues writing too, my son plays tennis all over the world, we travel to Kenya next week. Internet is iffy, so I do a ton of research before I go, then write up whilst I’m there and publish as best I can until I’m back.

The bottom line is... content. You need more. With that, your website will rank higher over time, and you’ll start reaping the rewards.

It takes determination and a resolute attitude to persevere in spite of what gets thrown at us.

Do you have social media on your site? I struggle with time for this but that will help your traffic..

Ranking here is of no consequence. But.. by reading others blogs, picking up information, getting help and support, all goes towards the one focus - making money online. My ranking is simply because I read others blogs, add a comment, ask a question, write my own blogs when I’m stressed/stuck/confused and I always get what I need from my family here... support to keep going!

I hope this has helped you and always write what you feel.. no one takes offence from honesty. ☺️
JeffreyBrown Premium
I think a lot of people might feel they're getting nowhere, but right off the bat, it is NOT a get rich quick scheme--it's a job and takes hard work and discipline. I myself haven't gone far in almost two years, but it's a work at your own pace thing, and I'll get there eventually. Most of the people making money here--and make no mistake there are plenty--do so from hard work and long hours, and the occasional lucky breaks! I say to anyone here--what you get here is far less per year than one three-credit hour college course. It is an investment in yourself that can even be written off against your affiliate marketing business. Just a thought!

Helen123 Premium
I agree Jeff.. its is totally hard work and long hours. I spend probably 8+ hours a day at the very least on my website, not writing all the time but doing research, reading, note taking of stuff I need to remember later on... I try not to drop down any rabbit holes, but it does happen. i also manage a website for a doctor, so have various tasks to do there too plus watching webinars - learning more about the business, because this was not what I trained for at uni.... there were no computers in those days ! 🤣