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So, I've completely ignored this sight for about 2 months now. I didn't log in, I didn't read blog posts, I didn't create new content or even check on my website. In the meanwhile we celebrated Christmas and then took our family on a 4-week dream vacation.Now that we're home and things are starting to get back to normal I find myself questioning my decision back in November to pay for a yearly membership. The truth is that I feel quite stuck. My daily responsibilities are leaving me mentall
So I've been with WA for almost 2 months. I've started a website, and posted about 10-11 articles. My website as well as a handful of posts have been indexed by google, (nothing with a good rank though) but I'm starting to feel super stuck. THE TIMEI have young children. I homeschool. My husband is at work 12+ hours a day. I can't afford to invest time into something empty. I'm struggling to post even 1 post a week because I just can't find the time to sit down and research/write. I love wri
September 16, 2019
So, 14 days ago I wrote a blog saying I needed to see it to believe. While I can't really say that has changed completely, I can say that I've seen little glimmers of hope, and I think I can believe just a little now.Since then I've1. Had my site indexed by google2. Gotten some feedback on my site.3. Received numerous positive comments on my articles3. Had some content indexed by google (and that content got a rank of 1).I guess I should consider these accomplishments worth celebrating, and I
I've always been the type of person who errs on the side of caution rather than taking a risk. As I child I can remember playing board games, and never making any moves that involved risk. I guess I just felt that if I hung onto what I already had, I was in a better position than if I risked what I had in an effort to earn more.With this in mind, I'd like to share just how difficult it was for me to actually sign up for a premium membership, and then purchase my own domain. I actually lost h