The ' WA' Money Making Machine

Last Update: June 14, 2020


We may simply understand, it's a Members Club and chat ROOM for everyone, but NO it is Money making machine and unbelievable source.

For me it is a 'GIANT TOWER', where you allowed to:

1. Create and Promote business digital

2. Able to create Website and connecting with a hundred businesses one corner to another corner of the world

3. Getting related training and apply them when you need

4. Ask Questions to clear the gaps and knowledge on the project

5. Able to share your story to the members and get new ideas from others

6. Attending Video Live training with one the expert


SO, Who are these "MASTER MIND" helper constantly helping members to reach their goal to climb top of the'SKY".

O' well I thing, we all know about them and I am so grateful and lucky to have whole team.

GREAT Trainer and mentors:

1. JAY



Why Successful or Not successful?

When we get bored and frustrated, imminently feel miserable. You know what that means, we are not doing enough work on the project, or having gaps some were. May be forgotten some tips that really need. Not working daily or weekly. To be successful, you need to listen all the training videos and go from there. Try to attend 'LIVE' training (JAY) the day it's on and you can ask question at the same time.

First thing, calm yourself down and try to retrain yourself again and again, find rehouses and research until you're happy. I thing I am going to do the same for refresh my brain too. Remember there is nothing to LOSS them GAIN. Be a new born "BABAY", meaning start from the begging to the end. I am sure will enjoy the life again.

Good luck, stay safe and take care.


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JeffreyBrown Premium
Yes, Sham, and we are all the magicians with varying degrees of skill!

remapot3 Premium Plus
Ha ha, that's absolutely right,Jeff
JeffreyBrown Premium
Linda103 Premium
I agree Sham, magic happens from hard work. Good post.
remapot3 Premium Plus
Thank you, Linda.
AlexEvans Premium Plus
Hi Sham I really like that image about the magical powers of hard work.

So true.

True to about the opportunity that WA presents us, where we take it is up to us.

Like you say there is nothing to lose the world to gain.

remapot3 Premium Plus
Thank you; Alex.