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There are lot of argumaents and questions about runing a successful online business. I truly bilieve in heardwork and time mangement is the key issue for successfull buseness owners. Living with media world really a big challange to grow establish business. Used to be 80% physical then 20% mental effort for seting up a successfull business. Now days it is just opposite. Key points that you need to know for a "Successful" online business. Plans and Prioroties Finding Reasourse and Research E
April 16, 2019
What is the first feeling for first blog?For the firs time i was feeling compleatly lost and scared, what should be i am doing for writting a blog. How to choose a subject and set in one blog. It was compleatly mixed feeling and unbelieve able. what to choose and how to setup the words, that has all in need. Few mimutes i felt "Yes i will the best blogger one day". I felt stuck, depresse and confused too. Did know how many words and paragraph need for a blog. So, all mixed feeling really. H
November 24, 2018
Social Media really helps businesses to grow real first. It expands business networks, increase market place and collaborate with people on a larger scale. Question is which one? According to Social to global research, finally found ‘Facebook’ is the second most visited website in the world, followed by YouTube, with Google leading the list. Facebook was also the most searched query on Google. Facebook page reached 10.7% and Twitter and Instagram also has the similar effects usin
October 23, 2018
Special creation of God. They Rush to the hospital, took her in a room for examine, "Pain" "Pain", please help me. She also carries multiple fibryet and that reason she is having double pain, birth and fibroid pain at the same time. Waiting outside next to the room,I was hearing Dr.s and nursing, "50-50" chance to live and hard to see the young parents with lots of stress, having firs born. Baby was only 6 months, Mother had multiple fibroyed just next to womb. Tremendous pain and taken to
October 20, 2018
Everyone loves me!!! and I give you comfort, massage and happiness, who I am?Yes I am Chair!!! The first Chair has invented by ancient Egyptians and that chair had a four legged seat with a back. Which have been found in tombs dating as far back a 2680 B.C. Sometime I do question myself, why do we call chair called chair. As we know that the stool or the other simple chair may have a simple straight or curved back bar near the bootom for the sitter to place for the persons feet on. Some chairs
Questions?Are we spending more time online than with any other media, orAre we spending much of that digital time in mobile device and Most of that mobile time is spent in apps?Now recently found by Roy Morgan, said that Australians spending more time online than working. In mid-2018 there are now 20.2 million Australians aged 14+, who each had 8,760 hours to spend over the last 12 months equalling a total of 177 billion hours in the year to March 2018. In a normal week 95% of Australians g
October 18, 2018
The hard working honey BEE'sAs we all know that honey bee is one of the popullar insect and they lives together same as other insect lives. Their main job is to keep the beehive running by the many jobs as they will perform in the six weeks of their busy life. They start life as a nurse bee nurturing brood basicaly. Other tasks include guarding the entrance of the colony, building honeycomb, ripening nectar to honey, packing pollen, cleaning the hive and carrying out the dead. The la
October 14, 2018
What skills are needed to be an entrepreneur?To be an Entrepreneur, what really we need. Just few common items that will take you to the moon. Is it so why everyone is not geeting on that level. But I think it needs atleast right focus on the goal. Finding and manageing people, learning new thinks and apply them for the business. Self-reflection is very importtant and how sell the product in the market. Resoursce is of the main as well as short or the long term investment. I believe techn
October 11, 2018
Love driving in the rain , remind me so many memories in the past. looking in the window lots of drops on the plants and the leaf. So beautiful and so much fun, eating nuts just fried, "so hot mum i am going to burn my hand". she said "it will be just fine, Try to enjoy it". She was right after a while it was really fun and i was asking more. Today i am a big girl and driving towards home after work. LOVE RAIN, and talking myself, Rain Rain come again la la la. What a beautiful day wit
October 07, 2018
What is Womanhood and Motherhood? As per great south Asia artist explanations, "Woman should live with freedom and integrity", she also mentioned woman must balance their life smoothly as much they can' Because they are powerful and multitasker. Taking drug, suicide is not the solution for beautiful life. We do not live in the same world our mothers lived in, when they were our age, and perhaps one of the most crucial elements to coming into our own as women who do, create, and foster world