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September 10, 2020
Shinny Golden Sky!Weather is becoming really complicated these days and hard to get shopping need to be done. Feel like not only COVIT is problem last few months to stop many thing. I think it depends on the weather as well. Just can't deal with it, DISESTER this day's. O'well, that's life.Today morning i saw Shinny Golden sky look and after few min just change in Gray look, then suddenly started Rain too. I feel i am in the ART class and changing mood as its need to express the new mood.
June 19, 2020
"Importance of happiness"It is so good to be true that happy people always makes you happy, no matter what. Happy new is pretty important role in our lives and it can have a huge impact on the way we live our lives. World is changing dramatically, we are trying our best to be happy and safe. Lifestyle is not like as before and people have changed, things are all different too. I can see 'Me' word is very common this day's rather than 'Us'. So sad and heartbreaking. Sharing and caring tota
"GIANT TOWER" We may simply understand, it's a Members Club and chat ROOM for everyone, but NO it is Money making machine and unbelievable source. For me it is a 'GIANT TOWER', where you allowed to:1. Create and Promote business digital2. Able to create Website and connecting with a hundred businesses one corner to another corner of the world 3. Getting related training and apply them when you need4. Ask Questions to clear the gaps and knowledge on the project5. Able to share your story to
June 13, 2020
Lemon Pickle that I lo've.....I believe most of the people LOVE Lemon pickle and it is so popular in many countries. I remember from my childhood when the all preparation done and bottled, you are not allowed to touch or eat them immediately. It should be kept untouched for a month, sun dried properly, so the lemon skins becomes soft. Which means, 'IT IS RGEADY TO EAT', Finally.From the left.....NO.1 BOTTLE** 10 Lemon Cubes,8 Red whole chilies, 62 tb spoon salt and VinegarNO 2. BOTTLE**10 Lemon
June 06, 2020
The Story of a boy was walking on the footpath as usual as every day. Many others also doing the same as me, I saw mother walking with her toddler son as well, talking with mum and asking questions as all kids do. All of a sudden he stops walking and look at the plants that planted next to the park. I don't know what he was thinking, he took out one flower from plants and immediately offering Mum and said 'This is for you Mummy'. After few steps he said "Happy Birthday Mummy" and I love yo
Common types of SPAM and How to protect them?Comment spam is one of the common one that ever thing in the digital world. This type of spam is used to buildback links. The spammer uses software, such as ScrapeBox, to find right targets to play them with and create blacklinks to the spammer’s website.Most spammers don’t spend too much time checking these things. They just blast everything in their way, as long as they’re related to their niche. This is what happens, when you f
May 30, 2020
Plants for saleBecause of log down you can not do much. I love gardening and it's my hobby, well I call it my best therapy. Makes me so happy and calm. I went to the local nursery and saw 80% on sale and become crazy to see this mega sale. I started talking with me 'i am going to buy all today' no matter what.The sales person came and ask me 'are you ok'? 'do you need help'? Suddenly my crazy dream blown away. Sometime dream is so lovable and sweet. Anyway i took few and came back home
Impact of COVID-19 on the Aviation Industry, 2020 Pandemic As we all know that Global Aviation industry is really facing a big time due to COVID-19 Pandemic. Not only Aviation Most of the business has the same impact because of the recent crises and it is just a unexpected time that everyone having it. Aviation Industry is really concerned with the manufacturing and operations of multiple types of aircraft and its services globally. The Industry used to make profit more than any other industry
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Logdown cooking show Finally, talk to my mind what to do at home to avoid a hundred and a thousand worry during this log down time. Then I started new cooking recipe and I think it is giving me really less worry than before. Also, having good time what I am doing right now. You should make yourself busy as well if your can. Not only cooking I am doing, backing as well. One of my friend was asking me 'why your are cooking every day I answered back and said 'I am in heaven' thank God for that
March 13, 2020
Many of them sometime have struggle with adSence setup. I have add this for you, hope it work for you. Also link bellow that guide you. Enjoy.Copy and paste the AdSense code in between the <head></head> tags of your sitePlace this code on every page across your site and Google will automatically show ads in all the best places for you<script data-ad-client="ca-pub-9780150518124905" async src=""></script>Copy