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Last Update: February 16, 2014


I wanted to find out how many new members we have each day at WA and in my search I found this really useful link. There are lots of helpful stats from a group of affiliate marketers showing the percentages of where they advertise and the percentages for the groups earnings.. interesting reading. I hope you find it useful.


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yancbren Premium
WOW, that was interesting.
jodymiller Premium
@bollox1960, from your mouth to.... :-)
terryellen Premium
very interesting, thanks for sharing. A little sobering though
786514 Premium
Very informative. Thanks for sharing! Survey shows only 15% of responders made between $25k-$99K annually and only 2-3% are really making decent money. Shows the reality of making money with online biz.
jodymiller Premium
Interesting. Thanks so much for sharing! Concerns me that most in this survey make less than $5000 annually from affiliate marketing, tho'. :-)
ReinventMe Premium
Hi Jody. Yes it's sobering but there is a fairly large percentage (39% I think making between 5 and 10k). My thoughts are if I can reach even these amounts then it is doable to multiply that by doing more of the same? x