Cystic Fibrosis Slimathon

Last Update: March 02, 2014

Hi Everyone, im doing a sponsored slimathon which ends at the end of April, I have set my target at 1 stone by the end of April, the charity is Cystic Fibrosis, to raise money for a massage vest for a little girl who has to be massaged everyday. This special vest helps with this and alleviates her symptoms. Id be very grateful for any sponsorship, which if I achieve it needs to be in by April 25th. Thanks XXX

This little girl is Jessica, my sister's niece and soo gorgeous, only 3 years old! Please, don't feel pressured if you can't afford it but if you're in a position to help it would be so much appreciated. We need to raise £7,000!

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superspike19 Premium
Have you thought about making a website for donations? might be a good option. People are very giving, especially if the situation is right!
God bless,
mamazepp Premium
Excellent thought and I agree, when there is true need for assistance, people like to reach out. Good luck and I think that is a good cause....
katzee Premium
It is heartening that there are such options for folk with a genuine cause. As I see you had to raise the money by April 25th this year, I am wondering how it went?
ReinventMe Premium
Hi Katharina, how nice of you to ask! My sister and I between us raised about £300 :-) Jessicas mother Gillian is continuing to raise money and having a big fund raising event for her this month. Hopefully we will reach the target!