WA Bought Me A New Macbook + May 2020 Income Report!

Last Update: Jun 3, 2020

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Hello WA family. Another month has come and gone and I hope that you can pat yourself on the back for all the hard work that you were able to put into your online business. Afterall, if you put in the work, the results will show!

And that's exactly what I will be sharing with you today; the results of my hard work!

We always think that we'll see a linear growth to our business, and that was my impression at first, but that couldn't be further away from the truth. You see, business is like a rollercoaster ride; you'll have the peaks and the troughs.

That's what makes it fun in my opinion. We all want a business that works on autopilot with little to no work, but how would you ever get better PERSONALLY if there's never any work?

How would you keep your mental health? That's an important aspect, don't you think?

But anyways, I'm sure you're dying to know how I got meself the new Macbook Air 2020 in Space Grey, with 512GB of storage, so read on!

Then And Now

It's always going to be a debate on whether it's better to get a Windows laptop or a Macbook, but for me, it's always been the Macbook. My first laptop was a Sony and it died after only 2 years of use. It became REALLY slow.

Then, I worked hard at an amusement park in Canada called Canada's Wonderland, sometimes even working 12 hour shifts in the sun (those shifts were brutal!), in order to save up to get my first Macbook Pro. That was back in 2012.

And to be honest, that Macbook Pro lasted me almost 8 years! Even when I traded it in to Apple back in January this year, it was still working fine. I just needed to have it plugged in all the time.

Yeah, the battery was in a deplorable state but the Macbook itself ran as smoothly as when I first got it. I was always just working on my online business from home, so there was no issue there, but it was really time to get myself a new Macbook.

Oh! Then COVID-19 hit and I wasn't able to buy one until the past Sunday, when all the BestBuys (our biggest electronic store) reopened. And I said that was it! No more waiting. I'm getting it!

But it was also because I needed the features of the laptop really badly. I had to let go of my Youtube Channel for a while because it was so hard to film on my desktop. I didn't have a mic nor a camera. So my Youtube channel really suffered and I felt so bad that I couldn't publish videos.

Now, I'm really excited to have been able to get it because now, I can re-start on my channel and grow it! I have almost only 500 watch hours to go until I get monetized!

No more ramblings! LOL!

The truth is that I was able to buy this new Macbook thanks to WA. It's thanks to WA that I made all these commissions and I was able save up to invest in this laptop. Otherwise, I don't know where I would have gotten the money for it.

Achievements In May 2020

There are a few things that I'm happy about and obviously some others that I'm not too happy about as well.

1) I had a total of 60 WA Starter Referrals - Down from 82 last month :(

2) I got a total of 3 new WA sales.

3) I had 8 recurring WA sales + 2 black friday upgrades

4) My WA income came to a total of $380USD - about $512.69 CAD

5) My Google Adsense earnings was at $24 USD - about $32 CAD - for the whole month. (I deactivated it around May 10th and I'll tell you why in a sec)

6) My total income for the month of April was $404 USD (about $545 CAD).

7) I wasn't able to meet my monthly publishing schedule and only published 16 posts, 4 short of my goal of 20.

9) My traffic took a REALLY bad hit. I was getting around 300 visitors per day and it came down to about 100. It's not showing any signs of improvement, despite what I did all through the month to improve it. That's all due to this Google update!

Ughhh! Why is Google doing this to me? Sometimes I feel like yanking my hair out.

But no major updates has stopped me before and it won't stop me now. This is the third one I'm going through.

However, the good news is that my site speed on mobile is much better, I improved my landing pages and even removed Google Adsense from my website, thinking that the number of ads on my website might have been slowing down my site and might have been affecting my speed and thus, my ranking.

That's why I only had it for 10 days of the month in May.

But I really don't think so at this point. I think I'm going to put it back on my site.

Thanks For Reading!

What did you do to improve your rankings and page speed in May? If you could share with me and give me some ideas, I would very much appreciate it.



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Reyhana, thanks for sharing your story. I can not answer right now to your questions, since I have just started with posting and web sites, and using Analytics. Your results are good, but surely - if you are not satisfied they can only be better. So keep going, ask and convert it to results!

I wish you luck!

Absolutely understand dear. And yes, I think it can only get better from here, even if there are obstacles in the way. They make you grow as a person and it makes your business grow as well.

Congrats on your new hardware acquisition. I had to wait almost a year to get the bread together to get my refurbished HP. Once that was accomplished I was able to invest in my premium account with WA. I have had a few hiccups getting out of the starting gate, but I understand the value in persistence.

Thank you! :) It was much needed! I was without a laptop for 5 months and it was a nightmare for me, because I was used to be able to work just about anywhere.

Wow, I see that you are so committed! Yes, persistence and consistence is the way to go!

Well done, you whopped my butt sales and earnings wise.

Traffic: I'm down a bit too but also up.

I'll digress, I too am going through a bit of a wobble with the may update. A massive amount of my April traffic (10 short of 14k Organic) was down to striking it big with a hot and very short term scam (for long a time I was the ONLY one reviewing it! (caught it on it's first day and likly within hours of being published given my time zone!).


Counting my evergreen traffic I am slightly up on last month - but not a lot. It looks like I might have a heck of a fight to match that this month or get close.


Minutes after replying to your record week I had a record day (like withing minutes!).

Fingers crossed and...hitting reply!!

Aww thanks a lot.. :) LOL

Well, since I wrote this update, my traffic has been doing much better, so it's just a matter of really just pumping out the content as per what we learn here.

Sales have also been pretty good this month and I really hope that it keeps climbing this time, lol!

Thanks for sharing your results and you're right. I guess being the first to review something is one of the best thing that you can do because it could be a few days and even weeks before anybody else decides to review it.

That is a huge advantage that you gain on others because yours would be most relevant in the search results and thus, you'd be getting the traffic.

It's great to hear that it's been getting better. I wish you the best as always. Keep us updated... :)

I have tried to use a few Apple computers in the past but I totally dislike their iOS. I am a windows guy to the bone. And I believe that apple computers are highly overpriced. Not worth it for me.

I am also trying to improve my site speed but I am still looking into it and I haven't managed to find any meaningful way to do see any major difference. I am a bit at a loss although I have seen a few training lessons on how to improve this.

Haha, thanks for sharing Stratos.

It is definitely pricey, but in my experience, has given me less trouble than windows computers. Moreover, my Mac lasted way longer than my sister's PC. She bought 3 in the last 8 years while I only had the one Mac.

So I think it's well-worth the investment as you're saving more in the long term.

Ahh, speed! I'm still working on it too. I have seen some lessons as well, but some of them are tedious! Like going through each image and resizing.

For almost 450 posts on my website, that's gonna take a while.

Congrats on your success. I have never been a super fan of apple products because until the last few years you had hard times finding the same applications and software and the price just didn't ever seem to fit the budget because my PCs have lasted like this one, at nearly a decade. However, my HP Laptop is bringing me into the small computer world I have also not been a laptop man. I am however thinking about maybe changing over to a Macbook or at least buying my wife one next tax season to learn more about them. I know it always helps to learn the new and mysterious.

Thank you! On that end, for sure they are trying to extort more money for apps, but the truth is that in my opinion, the price is good because most PCs don't last as long as a Mac can. At least that has been my experience.

I think it's good if you gave the Mac a try. I feel like it's much more user friendly and less finicky. It's up to you but if you have any questions about the Mac I'm using, feel free to PM me.. :)

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