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Can I renew my subscription be for the anniversary date?

Can I renew my subscription be for the anniversary date?

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Can I renew my subscription be for the anniversary date? My renewal is due on May 8, 2021. Just wondering if I can pay it today?

You can upgrade or renew early from your Account Settings page. Click your profile image in upper right, then Account Settings, Subscriptions tab. From there if you click on 'Upgrade to Premium Plus' it will take you to the billing page.

Choose your membership (either stay at premium monthly/yearly where you are or click on plus) then complete payment.

It is a little misleading at first as it appears you will upgrade but you can simply pay your membership early at this point as well.

Good luck, Shannon

i think it will be proratad so you will pay a little less and change the anniversary date....
if you see the amount not being the full amount then this is possible...
if hte amount is the full amount then it doesn't happen
i hope you get it sorted

if you have any problems then try
and select billing


Why can't I view privacy policy?

Why can't I view privacy policy?

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After following the videos for publishing my first webpage I can't see my Privacy Policy page. Does anybody know if I need to turn on or off a setting somewhere?


You probably need to add it to your menu. I'm assuming you published it as a page. Pages don't show up in your blog roll.

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