Success Is Addictive! March 2020 Income Report

Last Update: Apr 1, 2020

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Hello everybody. What a month March has been! I'm so excited about it, even though I didn't make more than February, but success is pretty addictive! I love seeing that recurring income every single month.

In light of everything that's been happening around the world the past few months, I have to say that I'm so relieved I didn't give up when things were tough in the past.

I can't imagine what situation I would have been in right now!

I only work at my job part-time and get 20 hours every week. My husband is a painter and has to stay home because of the virus. Even if he wanted to go to work (there's no lockdown here), the city office is closed so he can't get any new projects approved.

Without the extra income from WA, I don't know where we would be, to tell you honestly. That's why we shouldn't depend on only one income. We should have multiple streams of income so that if one is incapacitated, the others will still bring in something!

But anyways, I don't want to make this post any longer. I just wanted to stress the importance of having an online business and how much it can really change your life. If you have just joined, I just want to tell you that the hard work here is worth it!

Accomplishments In March 2020!

Despite the circumstances aroung the world, I'm so happy that my website is doing well. I'm in the make-money-online niche and I think it's a good time to be in this niche because everybody is currently looking to make some money online.

1) I had a total of 74 WA Starter Referrals (It's going up again! I only had 66 in February)

2) I got a total of 2 new WA sales. Unfortunately, my conversion isn't that great :(

3) I had 8 recurring WA sales! WOOHOO that's the highest it's ever been!

4) I also cashed out some credits I had worth $14 within WA.

5) My WA income came to a total of $326 USD - about $463 CAD

6) My Google Adsense earnings was at $67.50 USD - about $96 CAD - for the whole month (This is the highest that it has ever been! I was hoping to have my first $100-month with Adsense but it didn't happen. I was so close! I'm sure it will happen eventually though).

7) My total income for the month of March was $393.50 USD (which is pretty darn close to the 400.50 USD that I made last month!) ($393.50USD = $559 CAD)

Start NOW To Secure Your Future

I know I don't make a whole lot of money from my website. It's not thousands or millions but any number, as long as it is improving over time, is a good number. The truth is that it didn't take me a day, a week or a month to start seeing those numbers.

It takes a LOT of work and patience even to get to where I am right now. And I can tell you that all the work has been worth it, especially with what is happening around the world right now.

You may not have started when I did, but you might have started recently or maybe even starting now. If you're in a difficult situation financially right now, then know that you HAVE to stop it from re-occuring again.

WA can help you with that, just like it has helped me and countless other people.

You have to start NOW to secure your future. You have to start NOW to be able to make the income you want in a few months/years time. You have to work hard and take it seriously.

I personally lost a lot of time when I initially started, but when I started taking it seriously, I started earning and not one month has gone by since then where I didn't make any money from my website. It has always brought it SOMETHING.

So learn as much as you can, work as hard as you can and be patient.

Be persistently consistent and consistently persistent. Success will be yours!

Thanks for reading guys and stay safe!


Recent Comments


Hi Reyhana, I'm so proud of your success. I just came back from a 7-month break and I really feel that I'm lagging behind. Hope I could connect with you more so that I could refuel and come back to life.

PS: Although I've never posted in my blog, I'm surprised to still get some Premium commissions. Perhaps this is why I've decided to come back lol

Thank you, Dominic. Welcome back!

You know, as long as you don't give up, that's the key! What's past is past so look forward and give it your all!

Actually, I didn't give it my best the first 8 months after I started here with WA, so that caused me delays in success. So it's like that with you too!

Just put your head in it and make it a priority and you'll be reaping results in no time!

These are great results, Rayhana! I had a similar experience this month. Even though I didn't do much on my site, the work I already put in paid off and I had my best month yet.

Keep it going and keep those numbers up! I hope you have a great April!

- Christina

Thanks Christina... :) I'm so sorry that I wasn't able to reply as early as I wanted to. I got behind on a ton of work and put content to my website as a priority. I'm just getting some breathing room today.

Thanks for the great comment! And that's right! The hard work we put in before really adds up and sometimes, even if we don't work, the money will keep coming in.

I just read your april update by the way! Way to go!

Really good stuff there. You are a determined little blighter - nothing ever gets in your way or is ever gonna stop you! You just steam roller over it!

It is great to see your starter referral are back up. I think it wa sone of these months for everyone - folks minds else where an don bigger concerns.

What was your traffic like?

Hello Derek. Thanks for dropping by. Haha lol. Never giving up, that’s for sure.

Yes, people are worrying about other things right now for sure. But i’m happy to see that some people are concerned about their finances. It’s better to start building now than wait.

My daily visitor numbers definitely got higher towards the end of March. And it was higher than Feb for sure

How are you holding up? 😊

Hi Reyhana, great post. It is always good to see another WA member to be successful. The recurring income has got to be the best. I will get there and when I do, I will be ecstatic...LOL!

Take care of yourself and keep moving on up!

As always, I wish you the best!

Thank you Bob. Absolutely! It always motivated to keep going when I saW success posts. 😊 oh yes recurring income is amazing! Don’t have to work harder for it. Lol

You too take care, stay safe and keep rocking.

I intend to...😀👍

Thanks for sharing your income report, Reyhana! It's so true that any time is a good time to start and we have to look at our website as an asset, with a long term perspective in mind. It might take a year or two to get some decent income but it's absolutely worth the work.

Any time Lenka. Yes it’s never too late to start. But you’re right. No matter how long it takes it’s still better for the future.

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