Sad News Today - All The More Reason To Stick With WA

Last Update: May 30, 2020

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Hello my beautiful and handsome WA friends,

I just received some sad news today from one of my friends that made me realize even more of the importance of what we have here at WA. That's why I decided to write this post, not only to remind ourselves of how cruel this world is, but to also give some motivation.

The sad news is that one of my close friends was laid off and let go from his job. He is probably one of the most hard working people that I know. But the company is cutting back on costs so had to let a few people go.

It appears that those who have been there longer will shoulder more responsibilities.

This really goes two ways for me.


My friend is a CPA and that makes me wonder; if even a CPA's job is not secure, then what makes us think that any other job is secure? I mean, he is well-educated, gets paid so well, has so much experience and even pays hefty CPA fees every year.

So what make us think that we are valued at our jobs? What makes us think that we're never gonna lose it? How can any of us be so sure that we can count on that income?


Those people that are shouldering more responsibilities at his company are probably not getting paid more for the extra work. Remember, the company is cutting back costs.

Why would they pay anybody more?

Wouldn't you be furious if you were one of them? To do work what's not on your mandate AND not getting paid what you deserve for it?

I mean, we already feel underpaid for the work we do. We always have more responsibilies that add up over time, but then to have work that's not on our mandate be added too?

It's called modern slavery!

These Realizations Opened My Eyes Again

If you've been with WA for a while, like the 2+ years that I've been here, you kind of forget why you joined in the first place. The spark and the motivation you initially have kind of dulls over time.

It has happened to me a few times and I'm sure it happens to others. But I just never gave in to the temptation of giving up. I just kind of made this business a priorty and I went from there.

I can certainly say that it was NOT motivation that brought me this far into my online journey. It was desperation. Desperation to change my financial situation around.

I guess it worked. I can't say that I don't like what I do at WA else I wouldn't be here. But a lot of the times, it wasn't because I was motivated to do the work. Who likes to work anyway?

But finding out how fragile the traditional job really just got me my motivation back. It reminded me of the reason that I want to do this business.

It reminded me of all the financial freedom and all the time freedom that I dream of. Those are things that I will never be able to achieve if I stuck to any traditional job.

And That's Why You Need WA Too

You might have been recruited by somebody here recently and you're looking to make more money because your work probably cut down on your hours. Maybe you're like my friend who also lost his job and was laid off.

Maybe you're just looking for extra money and maybe you're looking to replace your job.

Whatever you want to do, WA can help you get there.

I'm so sad for my friend because I remember when I joined WA 2+ years ago, I had talked to him about WA and outlined all the reasons that he should join. He joined but never did take it seriously.

I'm not sure he event completed the first 10 free lessons.

I'm sure that if he had taken it seriously back then, he would have been in a different financial situation right now. Imagine what 2+ years working on this business could have done for him.

I don't want you to be like my friend. I want you to look at yourself 2+ years down the road and be able to look back on the progress and money you've made with your online business.

This is really a lesson for all of us to NOT put our income in one basket. Your job is ONE BASKET, unfortunately. If you lose it, you lose it all!

My friend recently bought a house and has 4 kids who are still going to school. It will be hard for him to manage to pay the mortgage and raise his kids without a job.

Moreover, they have 2 cars that they are still paying for, not to forget the insurance on the house, the insurance on the car and even the property taxes that are due every month.

I'm sure that if he had that second income, he would have been able to at least make some important payments. Now, he is at risk of losing his house!

Not to mention that it's going to be incredibly hard for him to look for another job right now since many other companies are also cutting back and probably not hiring.

My Advice

Give WA a serious chance. Don't let it pass you by. You might regret it in the future like my friend. You don't know what's in store for you and a second income, no matter how small or big, is always going to be a life-saver should anything happen.

I don't think there is any reason to hesitate because WA works. You might think that WA does not work, but why would there be so many success stories if it didn't?

The REAL fear is investing in WA and not making your money back. I get it. But if you're so concerned about making your money back and MORE, then the solution is pretty simple, right?

Just take the business seriously, follow it to the letter and work hard. You can't go wrong as long as you do the work and don't give up.

Thanks for reading guys!

I just really wanted to share with you what a great opportunity you would be letting go if you didn't work seriously on this. Don't depend on your job, because no matter how secure it is, you could lose it!

Even if you're the CEO or director of a company, the company could close down because there aren't any funds. From where would your income come from then?

Again don't put all your eggs in one basket. Create that second income from WA. You will thank yourself down the road.

Lots of Love,


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I feel really sorry for your friend Reyhana and hope he gets some financial support. It's always sad when employees put so much work into their job and still get laid off. You are so right about Wealthy Affiliate, and taking it seriously is definitely the best plan. I joined April 2019 and now seeing small commissions and a growth in adsense earnings as well. Thanks for sharing:)

Sorry to hear of your friend's job loss, Reyhana. Was it due to the mess the world's economy is in due to the global shutdown as a result of the Corona virus? So many jobs lost that can never be regained because small business owners cannot afford to reopen their doors. Too much money lost during the 8 weeks they were forced to close their doors. Since your friend is a professional and not a minimum wage earner, his plight might not have been due to the same causes, but the result is the same....he's unemployed. OK. I'll get off my soapbox now...I hope that he and the many others who find themselves in the same boat are able to secure new positions soon.

You are so right RD, the days of job security are long gone!
The days of giving 20 years of your time for a fair wage and a secure retirement disappeared long ago! The only thing that remains is the obsolete idea that is still being pushed into the minds of people out of habit, not reality.

It wasn't that long ago that 'working from home' had a negative stigma, Now Look At Us. And the truth today is, if you do not provide your own financial security that only depends on your efforts, you could end up like your friend.

I am so glad to be here at WA with all you wonderful like-minded people. Thank You RD for your insight and encouragement!

Good post and it does serve s a reminder about what we do and the paths we choose.

Not just because of CoVid, but for al ong time now, many tears I have specialised in products and services businessess absolutely need, must have and want.

With a background in Financial Services years ago, I have always been aware of the need for am insurance policy of some sort, when working online.

Mine is in the form of my autoresponder, which caters for absolutely any market both on and offline and pays a good sum monthly, thus removing the need to 'look for' opportunities and events such as your friend has experienced, which has also happemd to my brother in law recently as well.

"Just take the business seriously, follow it to the letter and work hard. You can't go wrong as long as you do the work and don't give up."

I couldn't agree more!
Affiliate marketing is the best job. Low to no cost overhead, work on your own terms, potential to earn an awesome living. Residual income rocks :)

Being a WA member is the best decision I've ever made!

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