New Year, New Milestones - $175+ In 1 Week!

Last Update: January 07, 2020

Hello my lovely WAers. I hope that the holidays went well for you. Happy new year!

Yeah, I'm kind of late in wishing you guys because I've been a little busy just enjoying my time with family members during the holiday season. I didn't touch my business for two whole weeks and it felt awesome!

And I still made money even though I wasn't actively working, which is what you're working towards when you're in this business, right?

November 2019 Report

Well, I'll start from November 2019 since it's been that long since I've updated/documented by progress.

Apart from the number of referrals going up (I had 155 starter referrals), I was really disappointed! I knew I was going in the right direction but unfortunately, nobody actually took up my offer to go annually and take advantage of the Black Friday sale.

Even if I promoted with all my might, even if I emailed my email list and promoted it, even though I made videos on Youtube about it. :(

All the hard work resulted in this; I only got 1 new premium sale, 1 recurring monthly premium sale and 1 recurring annual sale. I made $161.50 in that month from WA and $50 from Google Adsense, for a total of $211.50 USD.

I'm still happy I made something, but after 2 years with WA and building my business, you would expect to see more, right?

December 2019 Report

I really only worked for the first 2 weeks in December 2019, obviously because of the holidays, but I wasn't really feeling it because of my disappointment the previous month.

However, I'm happy that I still hit some nice numbers, while not even working on my website for half the time. It's amazing once you get the authority and momentum that your website needs, that you're able to make money without much work.

I had 110 referrals, which is quite a good month considering my other months in 2019 and also considering that December is quite a slow month for my niche in general.

I made 2 new sales and a recurring monthly sale, for a total of $39.50 from WA. Then, I also made $57 in Google Adsense, which brings my total to $96.50.

Again, considering that I have been with WA for over 2 years now, it really pains my heart to not be seeing these numbers go up, but I will not give up.

January 2020 Report - First week!

Yeah, I know it's a little too early to be giving a report right now for this month, but this month started out REALLY good, making up for the disappointment of the previous months.

I made 2 sales from my website (promoting another program) paying me $47USD each. I already have 17 new referrals as well. 2 of these people went premium with WA and I've already had 2 recurring monthly WA sales.

I've also already made $20 in Google Adsense.

The total of all of that comes to $177 USD in earnings in my very first week of 2020!

Something else that I'm so excited about as well is that my though I haven't worked on my Youtube Channel for over 3 weeks, the number of subscribers just keeps growing! I should hit the milestone of 1000 subscribers within the week.

What To Keep In Mind

This is a marathon and NOT a sprint. Sure, there are a few people here at WA who will achieve great results within a small period of time but always remember that those people are few and far in between.

It can be disheartening and disappointing to see dips in your business, and it may feel like your hardwork isn't amounting to anything.

It can feel like a waste of time sometimes and you could even start questioning whether to renew your subscription next month.

But know this: most people will be like me, working hard the first few years to get the business rolling. It probably won't be another year or two until I start to really see full-time income from my online business.

But you know what the correct attitude would be towards this?


So what if it takes me 2-3 more years to see a full-time income from my website? So what if it takes me 2 more years to be financially free and achieve time-freedom? This is better than having NONE of them, and being trapped in modern slavery until I retire, right?

What do you think? How long are you willing to give yourself to reach your goals? How patient are you? How hard are you willing to work to achieve this freedom for yourself and your family?

Online business isn't hard. It's being PATIENT and having the STRENGTH to keep going that's hard.

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StPaul Premium
Thanks a lot for sharing and I got great motivation from your post as always. I wish you great success in 2020.

May I ask...

How much organic traffic you receive on an average per day... The reason I am asking this is to decide whether to apply for Google Adsense or not.

At the moment I am getting on an average of 30 organic traffic per day. Is it worth to apply for Google Adsense... Please advise.
RDulloo Premium
Thank you, Paul.. :) Wishing you the best as well. Congrats on your hard work of publishing a post a day for so many days! I was doing it at one point and it really is challenging.

So pat yourself on the back for a job well done!

At the moment, I'm getting 300 - 400 visitors per day, which is at about 11K visitors per month. How old is your website at the moment? Mine is just over 2 years old.

I applied for Google Adsense in Oct 2018, and I was at around 100 total visitors per day. I don't think organic traffic is as important. How many TOTAL visitors are you getting in a day?
StPaul Premium
Thanks a lot!

My website is 3 years old. Thanks for the helpful insights, on an average I get 40 to 60 visitors per day.

I think I need wait for a while until it reaches 100 visitors per day before I apply for Google Adsense.
RDulloo Premium
You're so welcome, Paul. :) With all the hard work that you've been putting towards your website, I'm sure that you will reach 100 visitors a day very soon.

You could still try and apply because your website must have quite a bit of authority since it's been around for a while and I also know that you have quite a bit of posts on your website.

I don't think there is a limit to the amount of times that you can apply but I know that it is disappointing and heart-breaking to get a denial. But you could still try and see if they would approve you.

But even if they did, the amount of money you would make would be VERY little - only a few cents per day on average.

It's up to you but it costs nothing to try.. :)
StPaul Premium
Thanks a lot for the valuable advice and for your time. It means a lot to me.

Expecting more success posts from you (it inspires many including myself).
RDulloo Premium
No worries, Paul. I'm happy to help.. :) I'm gonna keep sharing fo sure!
StPaul Premium
GOD Bless!
JonLake Premium
Hi Reyhana and Happy New Year to you too.

We also took 2 weeks away from our business to spend time doing what really matters - enjoying the family.

You are so right about it being a marathon and not a sprint and that is probably the No.1 reason that people fail online - not giving themselves enough time to start seeing some success.

We have been at it for 11 years and we are not yet where we would like to be but with the way last year went we are confident that 2020 is going to be the huge breakthrough year that we have been working towards.

We wish you all the very best for 2020 and keep up the great work

Jon and Debbie
RDulloo Premium
Thank you!

That's great! I'm so happy you guys got to spend time together with the family. It's the perfect time of the year for that.

And yes, you're right. People fail online all the time because they quit too early and don't have the patience to see it through.

WOW! 11 years is a long time. You're really taking patience to a whole new level. But if things are looking up, then I'm happy for you. I really do pray you reach the level of success this year, that you've been working towards all these years. :)

I also wish you a great year ahead!
Linda103 Premium
Thats the best way to look at it. Work at it, keep changing and tweaking until its where you want it.
I started my original craft business nearly 10 years ago, that took 4 years to start making a profit but I didn't have all this knowledge at my fingertips. That business s still going and earning. Its worth the wait.
RDulloo Premium
Thank you, Linda.. :) I needed to hear that. I knew it would take some time so I was already prepared, but we always have a tiny hope that it will take off sooner rather than later, right? lol

I'm happy that your craft business took off. It really shows that persistence and hard work pays off in the long run. I don't mind to keep working on it, even if it takes me a few more years to become successful.

Like I mentioned in my post, it's better than NOT doing anything at all and being a modern slave until retirement.

Wishing you the best ahead in this new year.
Linda103 Premium
I have never regretted it for a minute, despite everyone around me saying I was wasting my time.
They are much more encouraging now, lol. I love working from home .
It can be hard doing it alongside a job in the real world but its definitely worth sticking with it.
RDulloo Premium
I can totally understand when you say that even though you weren't seeing the results initially, that you've never regretted it. I feel the same way now... :)

You have renewed and doubled my motivation to keep going now. I can't wait to tell people that I work 100% from home and I make 100% of my income from my online business... lol

But yes, I have done it alongside another job and when you have responsibilities at home, it can definitely be challenging but what we have to realize is that it is temporary.

Once the momentum and snowball effect starts, there is no going back to the hours and hours of work. Maintenance would be all that's required.

Patiently waiting to get to that point, lol.
Linda103 Premium
It won't just be maintenance as by then you will be looking for new challenges to grow your business even more.
That's why I am at WA, the challenge and increased income as my family grows. I still continue with my original business because I love it.
RDulloo Premium
Oh I absolutely agree! There is always room to get better and new avenues to add to the business.

But I meant that at that point, you would know what's working and it wouldn't be hard to scale it up because we'd have the basics down to a T. :)

So growing won't be as hard as it initially was. At least that has been my experience as I've been growing.
Linda103 Premium
That's very true, you are very wise.
anusuya1 Premium
yes, dear. Time freedom, then financial freedom and freedom from slavery for the entire life.
RDulloo Premium
ABsolutely agree, Anusuya. How have things been with you?
Mick18 Premium
Congrats, Reyhana, you are doing wonderful. I'm happy to hear of your success, I wish you continued success and an amazing new year.
RDulloo Premium
Thanks, Mick.. :) I wish you the same. How was the holiday season for you?