Per ardua ad astra!

Last Update: April 04, 2018

Through adversity to the stars is the translation from Latin of my blog title. It is the motto of the Royal Canadian Air Force. I was born and raised in that self same environment and have known and tried to live up to those words my entire life.

Two more catch phrases are also very appropriate here as I start a new life and career on-line. From Peter Pan, ‘First star on the right, and straight on til morning.’ Lastly, Capt. Jean Luc Picard’s famous line, ‘Make it so Mr. Sulu.’

The significance of these phrases is they provide me with inspiration, direction and motivation to actually (and finally!) ‘make it so’ and get started blogging and becoming an actual online presence. The cliches that ring in my brain are about eating an elephant, one bite at a time and I believe it was Confucious, the renowned Chinese sage who said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

Well, this is my first step. Wish me luck and any assistance, guidance, or constructive criticism would be appreciated.

I’m not 100% certain of my precise direction yet so I am hoping this personal blog will help me to refine this aspect. My first web site is aimed at the broad travel industry, with the niche narrowing down to my true desire to help people plan holidays world wide. To provide tips, tricks and travel advice and comments for their trip and recommendations for what and what not to take with them. Travel should be fun at all stages of the process, so let’s settle back and enjoy the process.

Each post I will try to focus on a specific area of interest as far as where to go and everything necessary to help get my readers there and reduce the stresses involved at all stages of traveling.

Coming shortly will be my first blog entitled, ‘Searching for Alaska and Yukon GOLD!!!’

Two distinct and unique neighbors which are a perfect fit for travelers of all ages and family sizes. I will focus on how to get there, by land, sea and air, plus some ideas of the amazing things to do and places to see along each of the different pathways. I may even throw in some ideas for pricing, costs and expenses and very importantly, suggestions for what and what not to take with you. Stay tuned . . .

So please follow me as I ‘take the first star on the right and head straight on til morning.’

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newmarketpro Premium
I will follow you and 'travel' with you.
Great post.

RCollis Premium
Thank you Joe, that’s very encouraging.