Nonfiction Topics to Write About - Fill in the Blanks

Last Update: Oct 30, 2021

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Nonfiction Topics to Write About – Fill in the Blanks

Hey, WA’ers,

Just keeping you up to date on the progress of the launch of my new book. Today I shared a new post on my blog, and I will share some of those ideas here. Many of us doing affiliate marketing are called on to do some nonfiction writing.

Today we're speaking about nonfiction topics to write about. You can do a search for non-fiction subjects to write about and also you can find a great deal of writing prompts that will help you.

I have a few ideas you may wish to utilize. I'm going to give you a sentence and also put an empty blank in the sentence that you would fill in.

Here are some of those ideas, "Something lots of people don't know about is _______" or " You can be much more _______ by _______."

One more point you can do, as opposed to claiming “by _______” (where the blank is a technique), you can say a specified amount of time. Some examples are, "Exactly how to Write a Book in 28 Days or Less," or "Have a New Spouse by Friday." Those are some concepts for that. Here's an additional one: You can say, "You Can Be Extra Confident! "or" You Can Be Much More Assertive!." You fill in the spacees.

Possibly you can attempt, "You Can Be Less _______" or "You Can Be Less _______ by _______," or "You Could Be Less _______ in 'X' days or months." Maybe you could do something like, "You Really Need A lot More _______ in Your Life." Here is another example, "You Need More Flair in Your Life," "You Need More Confidence in Your Life," or "You Need More Cash in Your Life." What would you use to fill in the blank?

Other ideas consist of suggestions like, "You Might Change _______ by _______", After that you can detail a method or a particular general category of techniques.

There are some more. "You Might Make Even More Cash by," “You Might Save Money by _______," or "You Can Accelerate the Process of _______ by _______." Here is another example, "You Can Speed Up the Process of Writing by utilizing a Timer" or "You Could Improve Your Health by _______." "Just how to _______ without _______" like "Just how to Compose a Book in 28 Days or Less Without Worrying Yourself to Death".

What could you put in those blanks?

My wife and I enjoy watching reruns of a TV series that we saw when we were youngsters. It was called Maverick, and it starred James Garner and Jack Kelly, as brothers, Brett and Bart Maverick. They would commonly state, "Well, my old pappy used to say…,” and afterwards they filled in the space." What did your parents or grandparents advise you? What did some valued individual in your life tell you?

There are some popular genres listed on Some research was performed in 2017, and the researchers took a look at both print as well as e-books and found a list of popular topics. Some of the most preferred types were biographies and also memoirs, faith and also spirituality, health and wellness, fitness as well as weight loss, as well as business and making money. Now I'll caution you a little concerning memoirs; unless you are already popular and famous, your memoir may not sell very well. You may want to go ahead and write it. It may become something that would be extremely valuable to your family members. In fact, several writers say that is the one book you must compose. But, it likely won't sell very well for somebody who doesn't know you. However, here’s the trick for using your life story. Create a nonfiction book, and then just make use of components of your life story that illustrate the subjects within your nonfiction publication. In my book "How to Write a Book in 28 Days or Less," I provided several examples of troubles that I had with writing assignments.

For example, there were problems I had with procrastination and also troubles I had with perfectionism. I pulled stories out of my own life to highlight those problems and solutions.

Here are some more problems/questions: "How Can I Be a Better _______?" After that think of what passions you have, and then you can discuss those interests. You can cover the abilities that you have that you can share. You can cover what quick and also easy solutions you can provide.

You might also define a time for your preferred result, as I previously stated. Kevin Leman wrote the book, How to Have a New Husband by Friday. I believe he additionally created another one like, “How to Have a New Kid by Friday," and perhaps there was another one discussing “a new wife.” He wrote those books and defined a period in which to get results.

After giving suggestions like these, I closed with, “I hope these concepts for nonfiction topics to write about have been helpful to you. To get more info on subjects like these, go to….” Then I gave a link to my website and suggested they follow me on YouTube and Rumble.

Finally, I urged that they continue looking for the release of my newest book, How to Write a Book in 28 Days or Less Without Stressing Yourself to Death which will be launching the week of November 15, 2021.

Keep using your writing talent as you do your affiliate marketing.


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Very interesting. See things I never thought about before. It's those things that get people to click and read.

Thanks for sharing.

You are welcome. Glad it was helpful.

These are some excellent examples, Randy! Thanks for sharing, my friend!


Thank you, Jeffrey. I hope you can use some of the ideas.

You're welcome, Randy! I'm bookmarking now!


Very inspiring.
thanks for sharing :-)

You are welcome. Glad you liked it.

Really intriguing and interesting
Thank you for sharing

Thank you. I hope it helps some in the future.

Awesome :)

Great ideas! Really inspiring!

Thank you, Christine. Glad you enjoyed it.

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