How to Write Your Books Quickly and Easily

Last Update: November 02, 2020

Would you like to know some personal time-management strategies to write a book quickly? So, would you like to be able to sit down and write a book without stress? Does the blank page with a blinking cursor intimidate you? Does it seem like you don't have time to write?

Time Management

So here's where the situation is in today's world...

  • Getting published is not nearly as hard as in the past
  • That means a book is neccesary for you
  • Fun tecniques make writing easy
  • You just need to get started

Tip #1 - Use the Time You Have Already.

Just how much time do you have? Everybody has 24 hours in evey day. That equals 1,4440 minutes each day too.

In the same way, evryone has 168 hours each week, so that means you have 10,080 minutes in a week! How about that? You have more than 10,000 minutes at your disposal each week. Surely you could use some of those minutes to make writing a top-rated item.

Let's emphasize that even more. You could divide your book into 5-minute writing segments. I like to call them "block parties." So you could use muchf time you did not think you had.

Here is an example: Let's say you had to go to the dentist. Nowadays, you will probably be asked a question and have your temperature checked before you can even go into the office. You might have to wait in the car. If the restrictions are lifted, you could sit in the waiting room. You could read one of their magazines, OR, you could be even more productive by choosing to work on your own writing project.

Then you could begin one of your 5-minute writing sements.

In this scenario, after five minutes, they have not called you to go in, so you start on your next 5-minute writing block. Then they still don't call your name and you have time to prduce a third one. Wow! By this time you will have one-fifth of a chapter written, and you did it all by just using waiting time wisely. Can you see how personal time management strategies would certainly help you finish your rough draft and eventually your book?

You can get a lot done using waiting time, but you will have to use more than that. Here is the next tip.

Tip #2 - You Can Carve Some Time Out of Your Schedule

Maybe you would want to write early in the morning before everyone else gets up. That's what many writiers do. Some people can work in fifteen to thirty minutes during their lunch hours. Besides that, some are night owls. If you are, you can be productive after everyone else goes to bed.

Another alternative is to combine all three of those times: a half-hour before everyone else wakes up, another half-hour after everyone else's bedtime. Also, use another 15 minutes during your lunch hour.

If you write for 75-90 minutes every day, you will surprise yourself. You can easily finish the rough draft of your book in fewer than 28 days, especially if plan your book utilizing a special 5-minute writing block plan.

Since getting your book done is a main thing in your world, surely you could do this much in a month's time.

Tip #3 - Figure out How to Get Rid of Distractions

Focus will be the key to writing quickly.

Find a place to dedicate to your writing. It could be a corner in a bed room. If you have a home office, that is even better. If you have a place designated for your writing, that will help program you brain that writing is a good thing to do while you are in that space.

If you have a busy household, you might have to put a sign on the door. One writer put up a sign that simply said, "I'm working." A fiction writer said, "No Tresspassing. Violators will be written into the story." The sign will be a gentle reminder to the rest of the family that you should not be interreupted unless something extremely important begs for your attentention.

So, Here's What We Presented When We Talked About How to Write Your Books Quickly and Easily:"

  • Use the time you already have
  • Utilize the power of 5-minute writing blocks
  • Plan when to write
  • Put a designatied area in your home or office for writing.
  • Using just 75 minutes each day, you will be able to finish your rough draft in fewer than 28 days.

The point I'm trying to make is that you can write your book quickly and easily. Besides that you won't have to stare at a blank page for many minutes, hours, or even days.

What have you adopted as personal time management strategies? Please share some more tips with us in the comments.

You can get more of my writing tips here.

So what time-mangement tricks have you used? How did you discover them?

What questions do you have?

Hope you have a great week!

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JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
Very good tips in this post, Randy! Thanks for sharing!

rcarney6 Premium Plus
Thank you, Jeff.
JeffreyBrown Premium Plus
You're very welcome, Randy!

JoyLamod Premium
I usually use my “waiting time” that’s why I always have my journal with me wherever I go. I think writing is embedded in my blood. Inspiration comes any time of the day.

But I never written my book, NOT YET. I only have number of journals well kept since I was in college in various topics.

I think I have to start working on turning it into a book. Have to figure out how.

Thank you for this post.
rcarney6 Premium Plus
Wow! Joy112. It sounds like you already have a book. It would be a matter of organizing those journal entries into categories around the topic of your book. Then you could create some great chapter openings and some interesting headings for each chapter. You could then add transitions to make it all flow together.

I wish you well.

firstlearn Premium
It is always wise to look after the time you have got Randy. It is one thing in life you will never see again.

rcarney6 Premium Plus
Great line: "Time is the one thing in life you will never see again."

Wishing you well, first learn.

firstlearn Premium
Thank you Randy.

jghwebbrand Premium
Writing a book seems daunting.
I guess the hardest thing is to get a topic. Once the topic is there the thoughts flow.

One statement caught my attention.
Using just 75 minutes each day, you will be able to finish your rough draft in fewer than 28 days.

That is much faster than I ever thought. Of course it would depend on how long the book is. What is your estimated length in pages?

Thanks for your input.
rcarney6 Premium Plus
I considered an average sized book to be about 200 pages. In that case, it would take about 20 business days. Longer books could be done, by writing 6 days a week, or by writing up to three hours per day (about 400 pages). The key is in the plan for the 5-minute projects and/or marrying the 5-minute projects with a writer’s already existing techniques. Sorry for going on. The short answer is that I considered an average-sized book to be about 200 pages or around 60,000 words.
jghwebbrand Premium
Actually I liked your long answer.
I am thinking of doing a ebook so wanted some kind of benchmark.

Thank you very much.
rcarney6 Premium Plus
You are welcome.
MnD Premium
Great techniques to have and use time management skills it the most crucial.

rcarney6 Premium Plus
So true.