Finally I Upgraded to Yearly Premium

Last Update: November 30, 2014

When I started with Wealthy Affiliate, I was not sure that I would finish even the free course or to come back after the first lesson. I have started in business about one year ago and I paid too much money on coaching programs and the kind of over night millionaire stuff and ended up doing surveys that paid me at most $100/ month. I was so frustrated and at one time I decided to forget all that crap and go back to my traditional job and work more overtime to make a couple hundred dollars more every month.

To make money was not my big issue but to gain my own life control was my big dream. I never liked the supervisors' way to take advantage of inferiors and get the big bucks while the real and hard work are usually done by the minimum wage- employees.

So, I decided to give it another shot

I searched online for a serious opportunity after I got some paid experience and I found a promising site and for free..For the first time, I see totally free kind of do business online stuff and until you are satisfied then I can pay a membership...but I was still suspicious.

I started with the free course and I was astonished......and I told myself This is it

I upgraded to premium membership after the third lesson

because I knew that I deal with honest and loyal people.....not looking to my money to take but to make and pay their part.

In a month of a part time but hard work, I built my website for the first time ever. I had no idea on any of this stuff before. And

I started making money online

I added Google Adsense, Amazon Affiliate and eBay partner and I made the first ten bucks in one dream has become true....

I made my year plan to grow up my business and as I decided to keep my membership with Wealthy Affiliate for this year and I calculated my budget and I put $600 for this purpose.

And I got the Black Friday Deal

I thought about it and it took 2 days to decide to save $300 this year and years after if I decide to renew again which I am sure I will.

I am so glad of my business progress and I thank Kyle and Carson for this generous offer and I also thank all those who helped me in Wealthy Affiliate including my new WA family and friends for making my decision.

My honest advice to you..

.Please save money by planning a year ahead and save in all your expenses including Wealthy Affiliate membership.

Have the best of luck to all of you.

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kholmes Premium
raymakar Premium
Thank you Kim
sandyhutch Premium
I also took advantage of the Black Friday Yearly Upgrade. I know we have the right decision. Wish you much success.
raymakar Premium
Thank you Sandy, I wish you more and more success.
Davelington Premium
I've just done the same thing. Congrats!
raymakar Premium
I think it is a great deal......Thank you Dave and congratulations to you too!