Back home wealthy with $500 monthly

Last Update: March 05, 2016

After a year away from my home in WA, I am back. Back to the friendly posts and comments, back to refresh my knowledge through the courses, back to jay's webinars and back to feel warm and passionate with my dear friends in WA. Last year, I was away because I was so engulfed with my website and facebook pages and groups. I am back simply because all the goals I achieved are the outcome of training in WA.

Thank you for all your welcoming posts and comments. I will join this post with a series of posts to explain in detail how did I fulfill my goals through WA. Last but not least, I am sure that if I could make it, anyone else can make it and much more.

By the way. I am a practicing physician which means I do what I do just during my very few break hours.

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MikeLong Premium
Also looking forward to the "How you did it " series !
MikeLong Premium
Thanks for inspiration Dr.
I can't ever have too much of that !
Regards !
katzee Premium
Welcome back. I found this post very motivating an encouraging after reading another post last week which said you had to give up every waking moment, not ever do anything with family, not ever go out and have a break if you want to become successful, even if it cost you your .health. That was a bit alarming, as I would not be prepared to sacrifice time with my family (or my health) to be successful. I would prefer to think persistence, application and steady work towards your goals are the keys to success. I wlll be sure to follow your continued successes. Thanks for sharing.
BarbJaeb Premium
yay! Glad you're back!
JudeP Premium
Welcome back :)
raymakar Premium
Thank you Jude!