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My name is Rayford Liddell. I am 68 years young. I retired at 62 from Sales of which I've had many jobs. I've failed at some and was successful at most. I am relatively new to the internet but haven't used my craft there as much. However, outside the web, I have worked or attended seminars with legends like Og Mandino, Les Brown, Brian Tracy, Tony Robins, and the old Great W. Cement Stone.

I like to play Golf and Travel. I have a Wife for 37 years. She is the love of my Life and pretty much the reason for just about everything that I do. At this point in my life, I realize that I need help with mastering and understanding this internet thing. I hope to be interacting with many of you. Drawing ideas, energy, and knowledge from you as well as giving it.

For now, remember with action fear dies a sudden death! Peace.
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1. I would be happy with earning $1000/WK.
2. I would be ecstatic with earning ONE MILLION DOLLARS/YEAR
3. Like I said in my profile I am retired. The answer is : as much as time as it takes but as soon as possible.
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Dec 19, 2016
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Rayford Premium
1. I would be happy with earning $1000/WK.
2. I would be ecstatic with earning ONE MILLION DOLLARS/YEAR
3. Like I said in my profile I am retired. The answer is : as much as time as it takes but as soon as possible.
therealreyna Premium
The Key is patience and we will help you get there
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ShannonSB Premium
Welcome to WA Premium - you will be SO happy that you made this decision. So many trainings and so much of an awesome community that you will never get bored!! Just stay focused - never give up and always remember Website FIRST and Social SECOND!! Stay engaged in the community but don't let it suck you in like Facebook - keep up with your website and your lessons (do all tasks with integrity) and you are certain to be a success here at WA! I have followed you, please reciprocate. I look forward to watching your success and seeing you around the community. Best of luck to you,
Rayford Premium
Hey Shannon,
OK, I'm sold. Your approach was so compelling. Even at this point, I am so pleasantly overwhelmed and amazed by the response that I am getting with barely a website up yet and no content. What a beautiful place but I have to go to work. I am just having so much fun. Don't tell my wife. Don't worry she will be happy for me especially when I make some money that she can spend. Thank you for those wonderful words of encouragement. I do appreciate it and Shannon I will visit you. I know how this is so very important.
Much Love,
ShannonSB Premium
What a kind message!! I truly do wish you all the best of success - and you wait - you will have something to show your wife real soon!! I am here anytime so yes, please visit!! Take care,
SJB Premium
Hello and congrats on going premium! It's one of the best decisions that I have made in my entire life. I am sure that it will bring amazing things to yours as well. Best wishes
KerryF Premium
HI and welcome to WA. What a fanastic profile and how lucky you are to attend lecutreswith such sales grates. Wishing you every success.
Familyman82 Premium
Hello there, You have been doing great so far, your half way home.

It won't be long and you will be seeing the fruits of your labors.

It's only been three days but I'm sure that you will agree that the training here is like no other.

You have 4 days left to cash in on the new members bonus where you will get unlimited access to the entire premium area and it's community of marketing experts.

Remember if you need anything just ask . You won't be able to PM me here at least not till you go premium but you can reach me in the comments area of my website.

Good Luck and I'm here if you need me.
thisworks Premium
Hi Rayford!

Are you looking for new WA referrals?

Here are 3 good sources to find WA referrals:
a) Go to Fiverr.com and search for "signups" for Bizopps. Most
providers only charge about $5.00.
b) Go to http://team4success.net/usa_guaranteed_signups.htm
c) Do some solo ads. They can be pricey, but you can get 100
very high quality clicks or visitors for about $60 when you go to:
http://soloninja.com/ (Very effective & Highly recommended!)
(Solo ads are a proven and easy way to get and grow your
referrals. Make sure you look for providers that send your WA
affiliate website to the 5 Top Tier Countries: USA, UK, New Zealand,
Australia and Canada.)

Good Luck!