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Last Update: January 11, 2019

So against my better judgment, I was thinking, lol. Yesterday I had posted a blog sharing one of my latest accomplishments. I had also posted my website link, which come to find out is a no no, so my bad on that, I didn't know.

ANYWAY, I am on the social media section of the training and I thought how cool it would be if I could get all or a lot of the people I follow and who are following me on here to also connect with me on the social media sites. I would think doing that would be mutually beneficial to all parties involved.

Now being that I am not supposed to put links on the W.A. blogs, I ask you, how in the Sam heck hill am I to do this efficiently? I'm not going to message each person in my network, so I would love to get suggestions.

I really don't know who all sees a blog on here I write. I would think at least my network would see if not the entire W.A. community. I also now have to figure out the ins and outs of the social media sites that are new to me, which won't be a big deal, but if we do connect bare with me.

I'm sure what I'm proposing is a good idea, just not sure what the best way to implement my idea. You could p.m. me with your social media links and I would happily follow, link, connect or whatever that particular site calls it lol.

At the moment I am on Facebook(very familiar with), Linkedin (over 500 connections and never any likes or shares, sad face lol.) Twitter ( figuring out with a whopping 14 followers) Pintrest ( swimming in uncharted waters with no floaties) and a google plus account which I didn't even know I had and definitely unsure how to use.

My main point to all of this is that I would like to network with good positive people. Very much looking forward to hearing from you!!!

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Cav1966 Premium
Im all for networking..however because of time constraints i do limit sometimes
That being said i am now following you...feel free to reach but dont take it personally if i dont always respond on blogs
I will however always respond if you pm me and have a question ☺☺☺☺
JKulk1 Premium
As Diane says you can ask for followers for any of your social media platforms on the 'share your G+ accounts'. You simply write your links for these accounts into the comment section and tell people you will follow them if they follow you.
Personally I find this time consuming. It's far better to follow say 50 people each day on Pinterest. Just make sure the people you follow are followers of a similiar nich to you.
As you gain trust on the platform people will start following you. I now gain about 40 followers a day and that's not counting those that follow me back from my follows.
Social media is an important tool for marketing your website, if used correctly it can gain you many visitors to your website. These are free visitors.
I must add here that one if y.my pins achieved over 6 thousand likes, and I gave only been with Pinterest for about 6 months. Jim
CathAnon Premium
I'm all for networking!

But I do suggest that you take the time to get to know the awesome social platform you're on, here at WA. You will inevitably come across a couple of areas to share your social media links in, as Diane mentioned below.


One thing I have to say about social media. Everyone concentrates so much on accumulating their followers and likes and loves but they are not really responsive.

Some even take tiresome pride in having more followers than those they're following.

I tend not to want to follow profiles that have a disproportionate ratio of followers vs following.

Rightly or wrongly, I see such profiles as a "me me me" profile:
- they want me just to be an audience to their activity, not to have a real networking relationship
- they're not interested in learning from others; they just want to tell others instead what to do
- they're not following enough people to get a proper cross-section of the characters and niches and leanings out there in the wide wide web; so why follow them if they're closed to others and unresponsive?

So I would actually follow those with no following; as I believe they would be more responsive as a social media contact.

This is my way of saying let's give ourselves a wake up call on social media. Let's use it properly and not as a shallow popularity platform. Let's reach out to others. Don't be a herd and follow the so-called popular profiles. Most of them are not quite worth one's time.

Anyway ... that's my pet peeve for the day. Your post brought it to mind ... hope it gives some thoughts to your social media strategies :)
Marley2016 Premium
I agree with you and honestly, Facebook is nothing but
drama drama drama I do not have time for that!
Thank you for the rank :)
CathAnon Premium
totally can do without fb's drama ... I'm tempted to put it on my boycott list!
Showolf Premium
🤣 Thinking.... bad idea
🐠 No Floatie... but pretty fish to keep you company
Thank You for the laugh!!
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - there is a post thread already set up specifically for this! Although it is called "share your G accounts" it's not just for people with Google+

Simply add your social media links and people will follow you. Scroll back through the thread and you find lots of others to follow in return.