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January 27, 2019
Hello all...I hope you're doing well. I have to say that I have certainly learned a lot thus far. I am pleased with my site so far and I'd love to know what you think about it, check it out, it's called bling diamond ring .com Now I was told to not post my website link on the W.A. platform, yet in this section of training that is listed as one of the things I can talk about and that's why I have it spaced. It says what my website is but is not a link. It's little stuff like that that confuses m
January 19, 2019
Hey good day all! I just wanted to take a quick minute here to thank everyone for their patience and help. I have a few go to people who I can count on for help when I message them. You always hear how great the community is here and at first I thought yeah yeah whatever but it's true. If there was a rule to break or a way to do something wrong, I did it. The community here has been nothing but supportive. Rather than going to admin. right away and reporting me for my mistakes, most everyone ki
January 11, 2019
So against my better judgment, I was thinking, lol. Yesterday I had posted a blog sharing one of my latest accomplishments. I had also posted my website link, which come to find out is a no no, so my bad on that, I didn't know. ANYWAY, I am on the social media section of the training and I thought how cool it would be if I could get all or a lot of the people I follow and who are following me on here to also connect with me on the social media sites. I would think doing that would be mutually b
December 19, 2018
Hello all. I'm on my last task and last lesson of course two. I am very much looking forward to the making money course. I had found it difficult to write so much about one paticular subject but that has gotten easier. I have learned a lot about my niche (diamond rings) and I've learned a lot in the trainning here at wa. I'd love some possitive comments on my web page as I am very proud of what I have accomplished so far. I own my own domain at and I have already been index
December 17, 2018
well ive been indexed by google woot woot!!!
December 10, 2018
hi im ray. im in the very beginning stages here, but i am really enjoying all of this so far. i look forward to working with anyone possitive.