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Last Update: January 27, 2019

Hello all...I hope you're doing well. I have to say that I have certainly learned a lot thus far. I am pleased with my site so far and I'd love to know what you think about it, check it out, it's called bling diamond ring .com

Now I was told to not post my website link on the W.A. platform, yet in this section of training that is listed as one of the things I can talk about and that's why I have it spaced. It says what my website is but is not a link. It's little stuff like that that confuses me.

I am enjoying the learning process but it's a wonder I have'nt thrown my laptop straight out the window! The whole thing reminds me a lot of playing pool. I am aiming right at the whole yet the ball has a mind of it's own. Same thing here, why is'nt what I'm trying to do working? Then finally I see the light.

I do enjoy writing, so I do have that going for me but the techno stuff is really frustrating. The first thing I had to overcome is the whole paragraph sentence structure thing just to be able to present a readable post. I still don't know what the h1 h2 and h3 are for but will figure it out.

Then there was the keyword issue which I think I have the concept down, but I do wonder if punctuation matters in a keyword phrase. Example: I find a great rich keyword phrase that has all lower case letters, so is that negated when I capitalize as needed in my post title? Or is it all good as long as I use the same phrase?

I also know you are to use the phrase in the first paragraph and write naturally from there but is it a good idea to also add it in here and there throughout the content? If so how much is too much? I'm just making sure I have a keyword phrase with high traffic and low competition.

My latest hang up has been verifying ownership of my site. I understand that the given code is to be pasted in the head section before the body. What was hanging me up is I was looking for the <header and >header in my headerphp section like it was displayed in the training video.

That is not there like it is in the video and I am noticing a lot of that as it keeps happening. I hate complaining, I really do and at first I thought it was just me but then it kept happening so that has not made it easy to do things when the training video doesn't match the task's given.

I had asked Mr. Kyle about that directly and he said I would'nt have to worry about that as the whole site is being updated. I'm sure that will take some time and won't be easy. Luckily the community here has just been amazing and very helpful. I wish everyone here the best of luck!

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RScarrott Premium
I totally feel your pain Ray. I had a security issue with my site and then my email within WA wasn’t working and I finally got it all resolved with site support.

I kept calm through it all but it was frustrating. Whenever I get stuck on something, I just reach out and ask the community here. They are a great support and I never feel like I’m alone in all of this. I also search for tutorials in the training platform on certain things I’m not sure of and that has really helped too.

Obstacles will get in the way but knowing you can get the answers to battle through it means nothing can stop you. :)

Terand Premium
Thank you for sharing, Ray! At least your question is answered. Wish you the best of luck too! :o)