DVD blu ray players, A thing of the passed

Last Update: October 10, 2018

Hey Guys and Gals It's Been awhile since I Wrote up anything for the forum been writing more on my website trying to get up on my SEO ranks anyways this one is about DVD Blu-ray players, are they a thing of the past?

Well a Couple of weeks ago my wife and I were Cleaning the house together as we normally do every weekend and as I was dusting the furniture we Decided that we were going to sell all the stuff that was in good working condition and was there just gathering dust because we barely use it.

So we dusted and cleaned all the DVD Blu-ray players and an Xbox One First generation and off we go to the pawn shop when we get to the first pawn shop I go up to the window and speak to the attendant there and asked her do they buy DVD Blu-ray Players and to my surprise her response was that they don't buy DvD Blu-ray players anymore because they have to many in the back and they don't sell anymore.

So then I asked her what about the Xbox one Video Game Console Do You guys buy those and to my surprise again she said no we don't buy xbox one, ps4, Nintendo Wii ETC. Or any other type of system that takes digital disc because its just not selling anymore.

So man that blew me away so I decided to check other pawn shops and I got the same response from them as well, Man so me and my wife look at each other and said times are changing technology is evolving.

Man to me that sounded a little crazy but as well not at all I know that the DVD invention in itself is not that old and television isn't even a hundred years old yet, and so I asked her what type of electronic gadgets do you buy and all of them said to me smart TVs that use digital apps which are 4k as well.

They continued to explain that the digital age is changing very fast and the time is coming where everything we watch will be digital, well from as far as I can see that time is already here with all kind of advancements like Netflix which they are the innovators of the digital video streaming age we're looking at right now and then the competitors Amazon prime videos, Hulu,HBO, Stars and many others which I could mention.

Man I Can't remember when was the last time I watched any kind of DVD movie disc, it's all been digital and it's growing at a rate that is very fast so Let's start promoting these services on our website with our affiliate links.

So Man My Wa Brothers and Sister Let Me know How you Feel about all These Type of Changes what can you gals and guys tell me? are you as Blown away as I am about it or can it be a good or bad embrace I personally watch everything digital since it started to grow so please my peoples let me know what you think you're input is important thanks and I hope you enjoyed reading this blog as much as I had fun writing it.

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CLeeP Premium
I hear you. We record TV programs on DVR and speed watch them. Watch our movies, very few, via the on demand feature as well. We still have a Blu-ray player with internet access BUT we never use it anymore.
One question: pawn shops never give you anything for your stuff even when they do want to buy it. List your "stuff" on a 4 sale site, locally if possible. Lot's of people still use them, you just have to tap the right market.
Good luck with that.
lcohen98 Premium
I thing these product are built in to the system to be obsolete so you can but the next thing. I can't tell you how many time I bought something that performed as I need it to. Then when I went to buy a new one, they no longer make it. I guess I just need to evolve with it.

LennyBianc Premium
I never even bought one. I have a DVD player in my closet that I haven't even hooked up to my TV in years
MKearns Premium
Do you ever feel blue Ray? I never thought much of blue ray. It was an unnecessary conversion process and as a money maker, it eventually fizzled of course!
Rainfalls Premium
Hi Ray I enjoyed that read. That was awesome. Yes indeed things are changing and I am with you. Wow... First off cleaning the house with the wife! Both of you are wise!!! Nice. Together!!!

But it is funny because I never had a blue ray player. That passed me by. I grew up with vcr 's and then of course dvd 's . So no need for me to buy a Blue Ray huh. lol.

I am getting used to to all this digital stuff. This is my new learning curve. Amazon prime, Amazon music , Itunes music on your phone etc.

Indeed it is great for people our age to get used to this stuff as we look to ride these trends to drive our business and get stay in front of our customers.
Ray619 Premium
thanks for the read Champ you're input is important you're awesome dude gbu and you're family and may you're work here at WA grow and prosper.

P.s. Had to Follow you Dude!