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November 10, 2018
Well here we go again another great story for you guys and this is about you, now first of all I'd like to give a shout out and great congrats to my fellow WA sister debs66 on becoming Ambassador keep knockin it out girl you go skys the limit. Well here I'm writing this article here to give my thanks to all my WA fellowers and brothers and all the people that have taken the time to offer some help to weather directly or indirectly by thier inspirational writing and teachings it's made a great I
Hey Guys and Gals It's Been awhile since I Wrote up anything for the forum been writing more on my website trying to get up on my SEO ranks anyways this one is about DVD Blu-ray players, are they a thing of the past? Well a Couple of weeks ago my wife and I were Cleaning the house together as we normally do every weekend and as I was dusting the furniture we Decided that we were going to sell all the stuff that was in good working condition and was there just gathering dust because we barely us
Hey guys and gals here's another set Of great Infomation for you, Imagine if you're somewhere doing something and all of a sudden you get a text on you're cell phone from you're bank telling you, you Just Made a purchase at Target for the sum of $178 on youre debit or credit card.Man when I looked at the text I was In shock oh boy ever get that queezy feeling in youre stomach where you feel like they just put one over on you and you couldn't do anything to stop it from happening like its just c
September 08, 2018
I just got my google badgegood news everyone i just got ranked on Google after only two weeks it just goes to show there is no substitute for had work just want to let you great people @ WA know keep your head and move forwards alway its been said that "the ends justifies the means" and if you mean to help people then your in the right place so whoops there it is god bless you guys and have a blessed day.
September 03, 2018
A Wise Chinese Man Once Said the Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With One Step, I tell you in this life earlier on we are conditioned mentally on how to think by a left or a right wing that we forget that there is an up and a down and if we look up to him in the middle of our trails and joys we will never fall but if we do fall we have him to help us get back up even stronger than before if we allow him to, so my beloved community keep going forward and keep looking up to god he is older th