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Hi. I am now A Premium member ! I have very low knowledge and experience of using computers,i guess im "old school" and techno phobic!On the other hand,iv moved beyond single fingered typing now! My reason for being involved in Wealthy Affiliate,is that i would like to make good earnings from home,with all the benefits that come with that. I have spent years working in full time,"9-5" jobs,and from that i learnt atleast two things. 1. Il never get rich ,or have a comfortable lifestyle,by working for someone else. 2. No matter how much i enjoyed the job i was doing,the fact i HAD to do it 8 hours(..+) per day,5 days a week,48 weeks a year ,destroyed any affection and enjoyment i would get from the job. I dont want to work under those definitions any more. I currently have a self employed job driving,using my own car( not the one in my profile pic ,sadly,lol) but that too is not as satisfying or profitable.
Beyond that, i like going to outdoor events,like airshows and festivals,and im looking to improve my quality of life ,like all of you on here ,i would guess.
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WillingToTry Premium
Hello Peter and thank you for the follow! I wish you all the best for success!
Kind regards
Hi Peter,
Thanks so much for following me back. Welcome and I wish you all the best here at WA!

Anne112995 Premium
Hi, nice to meet you.

Welcome to the WA community, and thank you for the follow. I agree with your mentality, and you seem to have found the right spot then.

I wish you the best of luck in your ventures, and if you ever need any help you can ask anytime. I will try my best to answer them or direct you to some helpful training. :)

raven122 Premium
Thank you Anne , that is very gracious of you .
All the best , and maybe il be intouch as my first stop for advice !
Anne112995 Premium
My pleasure, and I look forward to hearing more from you around the community. All the best to you too. :)
Wedge910 Premium
Hi Raven.Thanks for the follow. I wish you continued success in your business endeavors with WA.
Labman Premium
Hi and welcome to WA, Thanks for following me back.
philsmkt62 Premium
THanks for the follow and best of luck on you WA adventure. Looking forward to your success stories.
davyrobot Premium
Hi Peter! -

Congradulations on upgrading to Premium!

*** I am Now Following You! ***

** Have a Great Weekend! **


A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With a Single Step - confucius
divadejunk Premium
Welcome to WA. Congratulations on upgrading to Premium. All the best to you.
adaba063 Premium
You have taken a big step up by going Premium.
As always, work hard, & enjoy yourself!
all the best in your new venture,
LisaShuman Premium
Hi welcome and best wishes!
Carson Premium
Great to have you here at WA Peter!

Today is your first day being part of a community that has everything you need to learn all about Internet marketing, online business, and earning revenue from the NET. I always like to welcome new members personally, so here's my official "WELCOME"!

I'm here to help if you need answers to questions, or if you need some guidance at any time.

I'll leave you with one suggestion to work through the "Online Entrepreneur Certification - Getting Started (Level 1)" course located on your dashboard or within the main menu:

This course is going to help you really understand how Internet marketing works and how we suggest you get started.

Talk to you soon!