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While I may be new to WA, I am not new when it comes to the vast world of business and marketing. I am humbled by the fact that I realize my rather extensive education and experience has little worth in the world of IM. For instance, I have three degrees; a BA in English (OK so I can probably write a pretty decent article); a BBA in Marketing and an MBA in strategic management. I have been on the low side of upper management on the marketing and management side of several major national/international corporations. I became a consultant, teaching 1000's of people the finer points of marketing and management. I worked for $1500 to $2500 per day in this capacity. You may ask why I don’t go back to such lucrative employment. The answer is simple. I am so tired of airplanes (300K miles per year) hotels, different cities every week (travel in general) and no time for those I love most in life; I just wouldn’t be able to take it anymore. I also studied the stock market for about a year and right after 9/11, at a time when the markets came crashing down, I jumped in. I took 20K and turned into 20X that much in a little over two years. None of that education or experience adds up to much in the Internet Marketing field. Today is a new day. Today is a new beginning. I honestly do feel I can parlay my rather extensive knowledge on a multitude of subjects into a decent living online. I have no doubts that WA will help me to get there given the time. I am currently in the newbie stage where everything is pretty clouded by a wealth of information. However the waters are getting less muddy day by day and the pieces are beginning to fall into place. That is exciting to me. That is enough (probably way too much) about me.
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jatdebeaune Premium
Love what you wrote in the Forum. Bravo!
rarnst Premium
I was a bit worried that my post would or could be viewed as a negative which absolutely was not my intention at all. So thank you so much for your comment. I truly appreciate it.
jatdebeaune Premium
Hi, Thank you for the invite. Look forward to getting to know you. All the best.
Louise M. Premium
Hi and WELCOME! Glad to have you here!
Feel free to contact me if you need help. Good luck! :)
Jamie Smith Premium
Welcome to the WA family
FatWallet Premium
Hi there, Welcome to WA! Good luck to you!!