Did not work on my website for 10 days now!

Last Update: April 09, 2019

Should I quit my Lights and sound business? No! But I want to, just so I could focus on my website! Been busy lately and this month is fully booked with lights and sound services. I don't know if I should stop accepting clients. Since I joined WA I am happy that I am working for free because I know that in the near future all the free hard work will become minimal to no effort passive income.

I hope that I could work on my website while doing my Job as a DJ but that's not possible. After the long night of Music and party I don't think that my mind could keep up creating an article. I won't lose hope and I hope that I could have the free time as soon as possible for my website. Its been a long day. Time to sleep.

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Lynn0729 Premium
All of us have different backgrounds and obligations. You are the only one who can decide how much you can do. Be true to yourself and keep moving forward. Success does not have a timetable, just keep crawling forward doing the best you can. Best wishes for all to go well with you
Ron69 Premium
Never quit anything that's currently bringing you money in...till you feel that your site can carry you and then only decide to break away or not.
in the meantime...this will help you to wake-up..! and actually sit down with a pencil and paper and write down your goals and then plan out your time..(Time Management)..eg:- set out a time period for all your emails and such (Set a timer) then set a time as to how long you are going to work at building your website/write blogs/write posts content for your site etc!.
You can plan and work your plan...or you will be in the very same position that you've always been in..."You Decide"

Success to you
Cheymack Premium
I think the fact that you took the time to write the short blog post means that your aren't ready to give up. I have even found if I tweak mt day to give me an extra ten minutes to invest it helps me to fell more accomplished.

Stick with it, when you can, I know we won't regret it :)
SondraM Premium
Every single one of us have 24 hours in a day. I choose to sleep 8 hours. So, that leaves 16 hours.

How many hours do you spend on your DJ each week. Do you work all 7 days?

How you spend your remaining timing will show you what your priorities are.

I hope that you have a wonderful week.
mmcegreat Premium
Dreams are meant to be achieved. You have just taken the right path of life. Keep it up
Kaizen21 Premium
Hi Randy,

It's very important that you shouldn't give up on your dreams.

I am not yet at that point where I can quit my day job. I use it as a method to sustain me until time at WA pays off.

It's not the worst job but I definitely don't like it. It may sound strange but that is one of the reasons I stay motivated to succeed here.

WA has also taught me to think on my feet so I have also created several other streams of income that will pay off in the future.

You can read more about it here: If you are determined, you'll overcome each challenge that comes your way.
rayden1980 Premium
I have to agree with everyone: do NOT quit your offline job yet. First, make sure you earn enough money on the internet to sustain yourself for a few years, and only after you have a steady online income you can fully dedicate yourself to making money online. I have done the mistake you're thinking about doing and it's not fun. Had it not been for my parents who have supported me for a couple of years I would have probably become homeless
Pedrone Premium
Hi Randy, man you are not the only one that takes a break from the training and website! I only leave that job when you get to generate an income online so hang in there my friend and your job sound like it's fun! and plus you get to meet people that r having a party and from there you get the follower for your web etc
Ciao Amico
adrianh25392 Premium
If I was you i would make sure that the internet is at the very least capable of sustaining your lifestyle before you quit work. Take it from someone who unfortunately had to give up work on health grounds before establishing something else. It can be a long hard slog to replace what you already have.
RosanaHart Premium
You'll make it happen sooner or later, I really think you will. In the meantime your day job (guess it is a night job) has a good purpose.
AliObaid Premium
Don’t quit one job until you get the other one generating revenue