Last Update: May 09, 2017

Hello all my WA friends!

We are all familiar with Google Analytics which we have used to track website traffic .

Today I want to introduce you to SEMRUSH.COM which may be useful for you to find competitors keywords and backlinks.

It is however, a subscription service with the least expensive signup to be $99.95/month.There is a 7 day money-back guarantee, so if you use it and do not like it …….

In a nutshell, with SEMrush you can:

-Analyze data on more than 130 million domains and, in excess of 800 million keywords.

-Uncover your competitors’ organic and paid search strategies

-Find the most profitable keywords for your website.

Broken down further :

**For SEO professionals

-Technical SEO Audits

-Semantic Core Collection

- Competitive intelligence

- “Not provided” problem solutions

- Backlinks audit & analysis

**Paid Traffic

  • -Ads strategy analysis
  • -Keyword grouping and management
  • -Cross-group negatives optimization
  • -Ad keywords & creative research
  • -Competitive Analysis

**Social Media

  • -See how social audience and engagement change over time
  • -Discover best performing posts
  • -Compare how you perform against competitors

**Content and PR

  • -Choose the most effective promotional channels
  • -Discover trending topics
  • -Backlink audit and analytics

If you are willing to pay a monthly fee and want to explore further the software please go to

SEMrush has blog and webinar support to inform you and answer your questions.

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Recent messages
MKearns Premium
Worth investigating. Based on some response here it doesn't look as shaken down as GA!
pablocortina Premium
Thank you. I'll try it
jvranjes Premium
I do not trust them. They show me 7 times bigger traffic as compared to Google Analytics. Sorry to disappoint you.
RandellD Premium
Not clear on your criticism? Have you been in touch with them for an accounting on the so called difference?
jvranjes Premium
I just checked my traffic using their tool, and I get ridiculous numbers.

This is not a criticism, this is a fact, can show you numbers. I blogged about it earlier here at WA.
RandellD Premium
O.K. lets take the numbers to them to get an answer.
What do you have that we can present to them?
Are you still signed up with them?
What is the title of your blog so that I can take a look.
You can email me privately if you like.
jvranjes Premium
No need thank you. I do not plan to use it. Last year I blogged about it
RandellD Premium
Thank you for your feedback. I still also think that SEMrush offers many options not available (outside of traffic) with Google Analytics. But, only with a direct query to SEMrush can we get an answer to the quandry.