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March 07, 2019
Wealthy Affiliates provides enormous insight and information on the world of internet marketing!For all those members of WA, there is a huge amount of pertinent knowledge within the ranks of the membership.In fact, I have as much fun and enlightenment from reading selected posts which not only convey different points of view on a particular subject but also show varied approaches to the same problem. Not only does Wealthy Affiliates provide a structure for learning; most importantly the cours
November 20, 2018
Where does your Website content come from? Did you originate all of it from your own experience or did you research topics to build out your theme or ideas? Let’s start the discussion with copyright. Copyright, is a form of intellectual property law, that protects original works of authorship including literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works, such as poetry, novels, movies, songs, computer software, and architecture. Copyright does not protect facts, ideas, systems, or methods o
IInstead, try making the data to the point and easier to grasp!3) Try using a loud and bold palette color scheme. Vibrant colors make the image pop. Use for example, a blue or dark background with white not black Title stand out. 4) Focus on an image which relates to your product. Build trust and authority by showing exactly what the customer wants to see and understand what they are getting.5) Of course, always use actionable language to prompt the user to proceed. Example, "Click here to
Part two - continued
VISUALS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA & FACEBOOK1) Use identifiable words and images"Covfefe" as tweeted by Donald Trump recently, has no meaning to the general public or is not even a word listed in the dictionary. It is not an identifiable meme! Please check your spelling and grammar before publishing.Oprah Winfrey on the other hand is a known and recognizable by a large population of readers. The point is she is someone you can easily connect with.
May 24, 2017
Gautamworld a WA member asked the question concerning WP. Is it better to choose Free or Paid. Let me suggest a few pros and cons. 1) Pro number one for Free is that it is Free! Any one can get started. 2) Support - Many Free themes do not have the same support as the paid themes. The developer may ask for a contribution to answer your question and/or it may take a while to get a response, or even you may be forced to go to a forum to post your question and get an answer from another kindly
May 15, 2017
Backlink Checkers - How do they work and how do they compare. It is important to understand that all “traffic estimation tools” which would include the previously mentioned SEMrush, Similar Web, Compete , etc. are exactly that! Estimations……There are many variables in play and these variables have different margins of error. Therefore, while keyword data is pulled fast and frequently, it is still necessary to CHECK keyword rankings MANUALLY and against GOOGLE Keyword
May 09, 2017
Hello all my WA friends!We are all familiar with Google Analytics which we have used to track website traffic .Today I want to introduce you to SEMRUSH.COM which may be useful for you to find competitors keywords and backlinks.It is however, a subscription service with the least expensive signup to be $99.95/month.There is a 7 day money-back guarantee, so if you use it and do not like it …….In a nutshell, with SEMrush you can: -Analyze data on more than 130 million domains and, in
April 25, 2017
Loes has written about “How to enable private browsing on any web browser – 4/23/17. Today I would like to tell you about an app called “SEARCHLOCK”. This is a free app to prevent SEARCH ENGINES from profiling you. You can find out more about it at . What can Searchlock do? 1) The SearchLock extension intercepts privacy-unsafe searches and delivers privacy-friendly results. 2) The SearchLock search engine does not use tracking cookies 3) The Se
I refer you to training by Wealthy Affiliate member Kylecox7 “Giving Proper Photo Credit”. It provides information on the use of Creative Commons. I would like to add a few resources in the AUDIO area for those that are doing podcasts with VOICE, or using other types of audio (i.e. MUSIC) on their website(s) or blog(s). You may or may not be aware that your computer has its own microphone and speaker in it.soooo, you can record your own voice and create an audio file to send to some