My WA activities- Moving on Up

Last Update: January 30, 2015

So I have my first full month of data. And even though today is only the 30th not the 31st, I’m happy to say that I've reached my January goals and accomplished even more.

My goals were:

  1. To attract 200 unique visitors to
  2. To get approved by Sephora via Linkshare
  3. To begin inserting links into my past and future reviews

What I've accomplished and beyond:

  • I was able to expand my affiliate network by signing up with even more companies in my field than I initially wanted.
  • I was able to successfully set up Google AdSense onto my site and I’m pleased to announce today that my ads are live (first day but yay!).
  • I was able to get one sale through amazon to complete my account set up and now I’m live with Amazon Affiliates.
  • I was able to attract way more than my 200 visitors goal. I'm quite impressed with myself (unless if GA is playing tricks on my eyes)
  • I was able to complete my mailing list. I started on Feedburner but now I'm officially on Mail Chimp (join my mailing list guys!!), which handles my RSS mail and newsletters.
  • I'm ranking people! I'm ranking on certain keywords and I’m so thrilled. I thought it would be hard too since the beauty industry is saturated but I’m ranking high. Imagine that!!
  • Thrive Theme’s Content Builder is installed and running successfully on my site giving me the abilities to do so much with my post. I've created two templates which will be used to help generate sales for my different items discussed/reviewed.
  • I'm actively using GA's campaigns to track my users and run proper analysis. I'm still new, with just a little bit of data. But a friend once told me, start of the right way to avoid the mistakes they've made. I'm using all the tips as much as I can.
  • My social media platforms are getting noticed and I’m engaging more and more with people within my niche (read my The Setup post to follow me, i follow back!!). I’m not relying fully on social media but leaving a breadcrumb on the World Wide Web can go a long way.

Making Strides

Overall—I’m happy with the progress I've made. Tell me what you think about the site. Help me make it better! And, don't forget; stay tuned!! I’m moving on up but the journey has just begun!


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Sheden3 Premium
Your hard work is paying off. Congratulations, and that's encouraging for us newbies. Today is 30 days since I started my website and am working my ranking, traffic and fixing things that would make it the best it can be. Every success is our future testimony.
rairaie Premium
Same here-- i'm fixing as I go along but i'm trying my best to focus on content and let things with the design fall in line. Good luck!!
simbambi3 Premium
Well done! I love following your posts. So inspiring! :-)
rairaie Premium
Thanks-- i'm just trying to help everyone follow along on my journey!
carlomrota Premium
Tacking off just like a rocket - congrats, your doing a great and inspiring job!
rairaie Premium
thanks much Carlo! :-)
MauriceSr Premium
Awesome site Rai,

Keep up the good work, it pay's off!
rairaie Premium
Thanks-- i've come to far to stop now right? :-)
StubearBlack Premium
Very inspiring blog!! Congrats on your accomplishments and keep plugging away.
rairaie Premium
Thanks. I'm trying so hard. Sometimes its hard to remember why I'm doing this so I feel like documenting everything here-- struggles, success and everything will make me remember and keep my eyes on the prize.